Jake Wesley Rogers Releases His Lush New Anthem “Lavender Forever”

As one of the most buzzed-about artists to emerge during the past couple years, each release from Jake Wesley Rogers is quite simply, a musical revelation. Tracks like “Middle Of Love” and “Momentary” are love letters to various facets and historical figures in the LGBTQ community, with Rogers delivering the vividly hued history of our community in some of the most musically lush ways possible. His latest release “Lavender Forever” dropped yesterday, and as always, delivers an immediately infectious chorus and message of love and acceptance, easily making it a track that could potentially become one of our newest pride anthems. 


Heavy on the percussion and with an extremely celebratory tone, “Lavender Forever” contains content that according to Rogers, took a little while to arrive at himself. Rogers is known to have an already rabid and very dedicated fan base, and he indicated on Instagram that it took the actual creation of “Lavender Forever” to say emphatically that “I WAS BORN A LOVER, I WILL DIE THAT WAY. And god, I love all of you, Learning to love yourself On this journey, too”. The visual shows a sun-kissed Rogers in a scenic (and what else-lavender filled setting) enjoying the company of a potentially special someone while he basks under the radiant sun. 


As Jake puts it, the inspiration for his brilliant new anthem came from an unexpectedly viral TikTok moment. “I was sitting at my kitchen table in 2020 when a friend texted me, ‘Jake you’re going viral on TikTok’. I had only just started using the app and the third video that I posted—that went viral—was me explaining that Abraham Lincoln was most likely gay. I had just read an article that said Lincoln may have had a ‘streak of lavender’—alluding to his sexuality. From that moment, I set out to write a song celebrating my love and journey into full acceptance. ‘Lavender Forever’ has become my personal anthem—floral and summery and free!”

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