Janelle Recounts Saving Her Gay Friend From An Attack

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Big Brother’s Buxom Blonde Talks Rescuing Her Gay Friend And A Former Winner’s Arrest

If you’re at all familiar with the reality television universe, you’ve likely heard of Big Brother’s Janelle Pierzina. She’s had a dedicated fan base since she first hit our screens in 2005. Yes, her reality show legacy has kept her in the public eye for the last fifteen years – even before we were introduced to reality royalty Tiffany Pollard. Pierzina began her journey as a twenty-five-year old cocktail waitress with big dreams from Minnesota who appeared on the show’s sixth season. She was stereotype cast as the dumb, pretty blonde who wouldn’t make it a month. To everyone’s surprise, she became the franchise’s most popular houseguest. She proved to be an avid gamer who would time and time again get herself out of a corner, escaping elimination repeatedly while winning both physical and mental competitions. A rootable underdog and flawed hero is hard to come by, but she does it with elegance. Fans immediately became emotionally attached to her: Each time they were able to vote her as America’s Choice, she won and was rewarded with television show cameos, money, reality television trophies, perks in the Big Brother house, and a lifetime of adoration.


Pierzina has appeared in seven seasons of Big Brother, competed in four of them, and also had a short-lived stint on The Amazing Race with fellow contestant, Britney Haynes. Most recently, she participated in Big Brother 22: All Stars, much to fan excitement. If anyone could get people to tune into the series more than ever, it was certainly her. She’s a breath of fresh air from the same, recycled men the showrunners tend to favor and edit to be big stars, even though we all know how small they truly are. Unfortunately, she would be eliminated third and the rest of the recent All-Star season went downhill afterwards. Returning fans clearly lost interest after her departure and petitions for the show to be revamped have been reignited.

Now that Pierzina is out of the game and back online – she’s getting the chance to talk shop with fellow reality television contestants. Luckily for us, she never holds back… although we may have wine to thank for that. In a live video chat last week with fellow Big Brother 6 contestant, Beau Beasley, both of the stars gave so much dish that it’s worth watching the entire hour conversation in the background as you clean or cook. Pierzina and Beasley are known for an explosive fight in their season where she called out him for sleeping with older men for money and he grabbed her hair and he proclaimed everything about her was fake. They were admittedly drunk, Pierzina was even flinging wine around in the clip (below) and it was one of the most entertaining catfights the series had ever seen. One would think the two would continue to be sworn enemies, but they quickly reconciled after the show wrapped and began hanging with each other since they lived in the same city. The two are so close that Beasley stood up in her wedding and she’s had to get physical defending him.


While discussing Pierzina’s bachelorette party in their virtual chat, Beasley describes he was the only gay guy among her female friends when they visited a club. Like bachelorette parties tend to be, the friends drank themselves into the life of the party and a group of guys in the club they were in didn’t take too kindly to Beasley being the center of attention for presumably the most appealing group in the club. One angry bar patron hurled insults at Beasley and lifted him into the air by his neck, choking him. The two giggle at Pierzina’s defense of him: She jumped on top of the patron’s back and began punching his head and clawing at his eyes with her nails. Janelle Pierzina: Big Brother Superstar and Defender of the Gays? Sounds like a solid title! Sometimes, a gay guy is nothing without a powerhouse female friend behind him.

In between their recounts of fond memories and laughs, the friends continued to dish on a bunch of reality television gossip. They were coy about previous Big Brother winner, Maggie Ausburn, allegedly being a part of a wrongful death lawsuit while she was an Emergency Room Nurse (seriously, the allegations are horrifying). Smirked while discussing the massive amount of hatred another winner, Nicole Franzel, is experiencing after successfully eliminating Pierzina on the recent All-Star season and losing influencer sponsorships from her poor behavior. Pierzina talks of another gay contestant from the show, Marcellas Reynolds, who she tried to continue a friendship with after they played together years ago. Unfortunately, they are barely in contact and she describes how he was catty and backstabbing even off television. Beasley doesn’t view Reynolds favorably, especially since the producers of the show cast him to be a replica of Reynolds as they are both gay, flamboyant, African-American men.


However, their most shocking likely-truths that dropped were about Mike “Boogie” Malin, who won Big Brother 7: All-Stars. He competed against Pierzina and ultimately eliminated her in probably the biggest reality upset in history. Malin, who has a history of racist commentary, arrests, and issues, was set to appear with famed Big Brother winner, Will Kirby, on The Amazing Race season alongside Pierzina and Haynes. When Kirby wouldn’t do the show, Malin allegedly forged his signature on various contracts. Everything eventually came to light, Kirby was pissed, and Malin allegedly uploaded a video threatening to harm Kirby’s daughter… because appearing on reality television meant THAT much to him. Kirby has a restraining order against him. Malin was arrested in August of this year for DUI and drug possession.

Their gossip fest was only lacking Pierzina’s inside knowledge of the insanity that is former contestant, Danielle Murphree, who production specifically told the recent cast not to speak about. Come on Janelle, spill the tea!

If you’re into it, check out Pierzina and Beasley’s full, hilarious conversation below. It’s worth a watch!



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