Janice Robinson, Still A ‘Dreamer’ …And Still Slaying The Game


It’s been nearly 30 years since Italian Eurodance group Livin Joy released their international hit track “Dreamer,” which still packs dance floors today. Now, the mystical, beautiful and talented voice behind the song —Janice Robinson, is gearing up to make a musical comeback!


After bursting onto the scene with such enormous global success, the 54-year-old diva is ready to slay again. And this time around, she’s bringing messages of love and inspiration to anyone who thinks their best days are behind them.

If that’s you, honey, Janice wants you to know it’s never too late to go for your dreams; no matter how old you may be. Even when it feels like our “light” has gone out, according to Janice, it’s just temporary until you are ready to turn that light back on.

As Janice explained to Dailymail back in 2018, her blind daughter encouraged her to audition for the hit competition show X Factor. With a rousing rendition of her 1994 song Dreamer, the powerhouse vocalist received a standing ovation from the studio audience of 5000 strong. She also received the coveted 4 Yes votes from the celebrity judges, among them the legendary Simon Cowell and Brit-pop icon Robbie Williams. 

In the years leading up to that moment, Janice had a mixed hiatus, creating new music, releasing more club anthems, working as an educator, and caring for her ill parents. She is the mother of two daughters, one of whom — Kura, underwent brain surgery just before Janice’s X factor audition. The surgery was part of treatment for a condition called pseudotumor cerebri, which affects pressure in the brain and resulted in Kura losing her sight.


With her triumphant X Factor appearance, Janice’s “light” was turned back on, and after wowing the audience, she shared that 16-year-old Kura was her inspiration for even being there. 


Since her return to the national spotlight, Janice’s star has risen once again. With bookings worldwide, including international LGBTQ+IA Pride festivals, her legions of fans converge on the dance floor, celebrating life and singing along to her string of hits.

There is so much to love about Janice Robinson but one of the most significant things for me is how she lives her life kindly, warmly and welcoming of all people. This really endears her to the LGBTQ+IA audience. Then, add to that her unique style,stunningly rebellious looks over the years that have evoked both the beauty of a shaved-headed Nubian goddess and a bejeweled queen of a kingdom where only love and music prevail. Gay men especially live for a dance music diva who brings it all; the look, attitude, the voice, the hits, but most importantly, the love.


In a message especially for her LGBTQ+IA fans, Janice expresses, 

“The community that gave me the most love and support was the LGBT community . I owe my longevity to them and whenever I step on stage it is the spirit of that global community that I always think of. I can’t wait to see them at Miami Pride this year and Worthing Pride this summer . They are the most beautiful dreamers and our connection and bond is undeniable .”



In a recent interview with the UK Mirror, Janice shared the exciting news of more music coming soon, including the release of the singleEssex Girls’ (feat. Jaykae, Silky & Janice Robinson.) The rap-dance fused track features Janice’s iconic hook and vocals from “Dreamer” and she even makes a cameo in the new video!

As an artist who embraces change Janice is enthusiastic about “Dreamer” now reaching a whole new generation of global dance music fans. A new reworked and reimagined version of the song was released on February 25th, on the renowned dance music label, Spinnin Records.


The resurgence of Janice Robinson is much needed in the world right now. As a deeply spiritual woman, she is a beacon of light who inspires people through her music and her advice to all of us not to engage with negativity of any kind. She often shares such life lessons in her popular talks on IG live as she speaks directly and whole-heartedly to her fans.

Janice shared one of her nuggets of wisdom with the UK Mirror,

“To live a positive life, you must have a positive narrative in your mind.” 

Those are simple yet powerful words of wisdom from a true survivor and incredible performer. Welcome back to the spotlight Janice, right where you belong. And thank you for inspiring me and a whole new generation of listeners to never stop being a “Dreamer!”



h/t: Mirror.co.uk


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