Jarec Wentworth’s Considering A Run For CA Governor?

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Now Jarec Wentworth is considering running for California governor?

On April 28, adult film performer Jarec Wentworth posted “why not” when wondering whether he should run for governor.


“Should I run for governor of California? At this point, why not.”

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When asked for his motivation for running, Wentworth, real name Teofil Brank, said it was California’s corrupt system.

“Too much corruption in our system. Time to clean up and bring life back to California. SF was my favorite little city. Now it’s a dump. What happen to this state while I was away [sic]?”

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But is Wentworth being serious or just posting a thought onto Twitter? Most likely the latter. Though, this would be the election for him to have a possible chance at winning. Current Governor Gavin Newsom has garnered the wrath of California Republicans. After his pandemic-era business shutdowns and immigration policies, big businesses and Republican politicians have been pushing for a recall election.

But on top of that, there’s a precedent for a California recall election to be incredibly bloated. The 2003 recall election against Gov. Gray David led to 135 candidates. Career politicians, local citizens, and celebrities alike joined the fray to run for state Governor. In the end, Arnold Schwarzenegger won the election. Schwarzenegger’s high profile helped him to get noticed in the overly crowded election. So again, a reality star like Caitlyn Jenner or an adult film performer like Jarec Wentworth could arguably get a leg up in a similarly bloated election.

On top of that, Wentworth wouldn’t be the only adult film actor to run for the role. Mary Cary, who ran in 2003, announced her intention to run against Newsom. So far, nearly a dozen people have announced interest in running. Then, potential candidates have until about two months before the election to file the necessary papers. So, we can’t tell yet how many people will join this race. But, experts agree that this recall election has a similar feel and air to the infamous 2003 race.



“We still have a long way to go on the candidates,” said Republican strategist and former Schwarzenegger administration employee Rob Stutzman to NBCNews. “It’s way too early to handicap who the candidates will be and how all of this will transpire.”

But when it comes to Jarec Wentworth, his eligibility to run is in question. Actual intent behind the tweet aside, the “why not” lies in Wentworth’s past record. Jarec Wentworth is currently on probation after he was convicted for extorting telecommunications executive and registered Republican Donald Burns in 2015.

But will that history get in the way of a potential campaign? In the end, the extortion was recognized as non-violent. In addition, California allows convicted felons to hold public office. There are some exceptions to that rule when it comes to crimes that could affect holding office, such as perjury, embezzlement, or vote tampering. Does extortion fit alongside those barring convictions? We don’t know right now. Wentworth should be in the clear, but we won’t know for sure unless he seriously announces plans to run. We’ll see if he does in the near future.

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  1. Niko (a) he’s not gay. He doesn’t even claim to be bi-curious, notwithstanding Sean Cody’s bullshit marketing. That said, we shouldn’t judge men by their appearance in the same way we shouldn’t judge women.

    Anon, at least come up with a fake name (Bitchy Queen, perhaps?) when you are going to post. Obviously, when a good chunk of the country will respond to a poll by saying that The Rock would make a good president, or at least that they would support him, proves looking good in very little (or even with clothes on) will get you very far today in politics. That said, having sex for money is not something to look down on, it would be no different than looking down on someone who picks fruits and nuts for cash, or who cleans toilets for the pay.

    For example, I would much rather praise someone who works out of doors, walking around and collecting and returning recyclables for the pennies they are able to manage to get for their effort than to think kindly upon someone who won’t even put a fake name to their rudeness on line.

    Oh, and Instinct, you make me ashamed I ever had a subscription when you were a print only publication.

  2. Sorry, but with that haircut and that pic you took in the bathroom mirror just makes you look like a tool. Please don’t embarrass yourself and don’t embarrass the LGBT community, we don’t need to be set back 20 years by your embarrassing behavior.

    • He has every right to run. We need more outsiders to enter politics. That being said, his history of extortion is a bad sign, I’ll agree on that.

      • Running for office is not a right, there are no guarantees or protections for those who want to run for elected office. Just bare-bone requirements (age, residency, nationality).

        Sure, he can run, but why bother? Looking good naked and having sex for money only qualifies him to marry a Republican/Trump not be a good public servant. He should team up with those other low achievers in porn (Colby, Porter, Rocky) whose only skills rest in the holes or poles.


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