You’re Not Ready For Jaren Lewison’s Shirtless Thirst Traps

Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross on Never Have I Ever. / Images via Netflix

Imagine this, I’m sitting down, enjoying a break on Twitter, and minding my business. But when I scroll down, I get an eyeful of Jaren Lewison!… I’m not complaining though.

Yes, it looks like the Never Have I Ever star was feeling a little flirty today. And, we thank him for it. Beyond feeling flirty, though, Lewison’s new post does have a point. It’s a collaboration with FAULT Magazine! The magazine, which prides itself on working with the world’s leading artists, got together with Lewison for a photoshoot and interview. And let’s just say, the photos that came out of the collab are a reward for us all.


I mean, the see-through shirts! And who do we have to thank for this? Photographer/Creative Director Raen Badua, stylist Luca Kingston, grooming expert Colleen Dominique, and style assistant Rocky Tate.

But what about the interview? What did they talk about? Well, they talked about Jaren Lewison’s time on the hit Netflix show Never Have I Ever, about his hobbies, and about his future plans.


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When it came to Never Have I Ever, the actor shares that he’s happy to have seen his character, Ben Gross, grow throughout the last three seasons. He’s also happy where Ben is left off by the end of the fourth and final season, which has already wrapped production.

“Each season the writers give so much to Ben,” Lewison confessed. “He is constantly growing, screwing up, learning, and developing into a young man. I am so grateful to work on a show where I have the privilege and honour to portray a character that continues to evolve. Since we have already shot season 4, I will say this: I love season 4 with my whole heart and I don’t think there is anything left to be desired for any character when the final credits roll.”


As for what he’d like to do now that he’s done with Never Have I Ever, outside of promotion, Jaren Lewison is looking forward to trying something different.

He said, “I think I’d like to do something dark. I really enjoy villainous roles. Barry Keoghan, Michael B. Jordan, Javier Bardem, Giancarlo Esposito, and Anthony Starr are all actors I really look up to and study to hopefully do the best I can when the opportunity to play a villain arises.”

The way he’s giving daddy in those photoshoot pics, we hope to see Jaren Lewison in a darker and more mature role too. You know, for the art.


Source: FAULT Magazine,

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