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With RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season about to come to an end, you may be reminiscing about this season’s highs and lows. It might even get you thinking about who may return for next season. Over the years we have seen the return of queens we had forgotten about and others that we could never forget, but that we wondered about.

One queen many Drag Race fans have longed to see step back into the Werk Room is season one’s Rebecca Glasscock, who fought her way to the top three in the inaugural season of the cult reality competition show. Since season 1 first aired in 2009, Rebecca Glasscock has not been as visible as some of the other queens from the franchise have been. In fact, if you’re waiting for Rebecca to give you the Tatianna treatment on a future season of All Stars, you may want to take off that wig, cuz it may never happen.



Rebecca is the alter ego of the multi-faceted Javier Rivera, who has found great success in life doing many things outside of drag. The 39-year-old Puerto Rican Papi who hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was named Mr. Stonewall 2021. Aside from his stint in the pageant circuit, Rivera acts, models, and continues to gift the world the beautiful smile we fell in love with when we first met him.

Photo by Andrew Carter @andrewcarterbeauty

If you follow Rivera on social media, you may already be familiar with his workout vids, shirtless shots, and a whole lot of fun and games.



It is his beautiful lips and playful disposition that make Javier Rivera this week’s Instinct Hottie.


Let’s get to know Javier Rivera (aka the unforgettable Rebecca Glasscock) a bit more: 

INSTINCT: How did you get named Mr. Stonewall 2021? 

JAVIER RIVERA: The Stonewall Pageant has been going on for 17 years now here in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I entered the Miss category 16 years ago and have always wanted to enter as myself but never felt I looked good enough as a man. For years I suffered from body dysmorphia and never felt comfortable in my own skin. After working on myself for many years; on my mind, body and soul I reached a point where I had the confidence that I lacked when I was much younger. I always made excuses in my mind to not enter as myself, a man. When the Pandemic hit I realized that life is short and that the only thing holding me back was my own mind. I challenged myself to enter, and with the help of my loved ones who are super supportive, I entered the Pageant. I had no expectations that I would win. When they announced the winner, I cried because I never felt good enough or pretty enough or talented enough. That night, I ended up shattering those beliefs that were based on lies I told myself. Challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone was a rewarding experience.


INSTINCT: What happened to Rebecca Glasscock?

JR: I had a lot of fun being Rebecca for many years. She gave me the confidence that I didn’t have as a young gay and  she allowed me to express myself artistically and tap into many different talents. I traveled all over and met many wonderful people along the way. In 2016 I reached a point in my life where Rebecca needed to step aside to allow Javier to grow and blossom.



INSTINCT: Will Rebecca emerge again? If so, would you ever be on Drag Race All Stars?

JR: I am a big believer in “Never say Never”. Although she has no plans of returning anytime soon, you may see her pop up in the future. As far as All-Stars, I think it would be kinda cool to come back as a guest judge or a mentor.


INSTINCT: What’s something about you that most people wouldn’t know?

JR: Where do I start…

I was named after a Soap Opera Star. I am the youngest of 5 brothers. As a child, I played Pinocchio 4 times. I once bottle fed a manatee, his name was Moises, he was a rescue. I don’t eat vegetables. I can’t cook to save my life. I love fantasy /magic movies and shows, like A LOT.  Camo print is my favorite. My favorite food is pizza. I am super blind.



INSTINCT: What brings you joy?

JR: Watching people do well in life. People that know me KNOW that I don’t have a hating bone in my body. Nothing makes me happier than seeing others grow and live life beyond their wildest dreams. As your friend, I am your biggest Cheerleader… always.

INSTINCT: What do you think is the most attractive part about yourself?


JR: I would say my drive and determination. I have always been very driven both professionally and personally. I am a glass half full kinda guy. I always try my best to stay positive even in hard situations.



INSTINCT: What do you find you are physically complimented on the most?

JR: Definitely my lips, which is ironic because I used to get teased in school for having such prominent lips, and now they are actually an asset. I feel like I grew into my lips… I mean looks. Lol.



INSTINCT: What, to you, defines sexy?

JR: Confidence.  People that are themselves, that don’t care about what others think. I think that kind of bravery is extremely sexy because you are essentially being your authentic self. Growing up in a Homophobic environment I learned to edit myself a lot to survive. I have been actively trying to break out of those habits ever since I came out, it’s a continuous work in progress, so when I see it in other people, I really admire that. 



INSTINCT: What is your proudest moment in your life thus far? 

JR: Getting Married to my husband Jakson. I  just never thought that I would ever get married. I never saw that as a possibility for me.  I came out at age 19 while attending the University of Puerto Rico. Back then, you could get arrested and locked up for being gay in my country. Meeting the love of my life and being able to legally get married was my proudest moment, and happiest day of my life.

Instagram @the_javier_rivera

INSTINCT: What haven’t you accomplished, personally or professionally, that you are wanting to do in the next 2-3 years?

JR: Professionally, I would love to continue performing and acting.  I have been doing shows since winning Mr Stonewall, singing live. Do more theater work.I have always had a passion for writing, and I have started writing what could become a book or a screenplay. I also write music. Definitely continue to create art. Personally, in the future maybe to expand my family.

Photo by Andrew Carter @andrewcarterbeauty

INSTINCT: Have you found love? If so, what is the best part of your relationship and what do you love most in your partner(s)? If not, what do you look for in the ideal relationship? Or are you not looking?

JR: I am extremely grateful to have found the love of my life and am now married. He is a wonderful noble man, caring, hard working and very supportive in all aspects. I was looking for true partnership and love that is more than just physical. I was lucky enough to find the complete package in Jakson. In December we will be celebrating 5 years of wedded bliss.


Rapid fire question time: 

  • What is your all-time favorite movie? 
    • Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
    • Ricky Martin
  • What is your favorite cheat meal or snack? 
    • Pepperoni Pizza
  • If you were stuck on an island for eternity, what music album would you want to have with you?
    • Sheryl Crow-Very Best of Sheryl Crow

INSTINCT: What does it mean to be featured as our Instinct Hottie? 

JR: I am honored to even be considered for this piece.I don’t take myself too seriously, I just like to take care of myself. I am actually very low maintenance. I’m just an Island Boy from Puerto Rico, living life to the fullest and taking time to smell the roses.



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