Jaymes Vaughan Gets Boyfriend Jonathan Bennett The Most Amazing Gift

Credit: Jaymes Vaughan Instagram

Get the tissues because Jaymes Vaughan just did the most amazing thing for his boyfriend Jonathan Bennett

Jaymes, 34, went above and beyond for the former Mean Girls actor’s birthday by getting him something he’s been wanting for a very long time… a dog! 


The television personality broke it all down on his Instagram on Thursday, August 22. He explained how Jonathan, 38, wanted a dog badly but the timing wasn’t right for them. Jaymes finally caved in and got him a cute pup which he went into detail about in the 3-part video he posted. 

“Through an elaborate scheme he had actually been picking out our dog from our friends at @sunkissed.doodles the whole time without knowing it,” Jaymes captioned the footage. 


“They were DMing him pics of puppies saying ‘look how cute, which one would be your favorite if you ever got a dog’ etc. and he totally fell for it,” he continued. “So here’s what happened on June 10 when after years of him asking for one, I finally caved.”

Jonathan appeared to be in a state of shock and total happiness after he found out the big news. “Boyfriend of the year,” he wrote in the comments section about his longtime beau. “Dreams do come true. If you believe.”


Others were equally impressed and touched over Jaymes’ surprise. “This MADE my day!!” Jonathan Lovitz wrote. “Yaaaaa boys! HBD JB!”


“Ommgg I’m in love with this!” former Bachelor star Ashley Iaconetti said. “I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!” Danica McKellar also chimed in. 

Jonathan and Jaymes became social media official in November 2017. The Cupcake Wars host posted a Halloween photo of them dressed in their Top Gun gear on Instagram with the caption “Because forgot to post on Halloween. i Love you.” 


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