Jennifer Coolidge Is The Dream Guest Star For ‘Heartstopper’ Season 2

The gay teen romance Heartstopper has won fans over worldwide with its sweet depiction of first love. Viewers are entranced by the poignant storylines and joyful feelings of being young and queer. The already iconic show has been viewed over 915 million minutes and currently tops Twitter trends for the third week in a row. A second season, while not confirmed yet, is all but guaranteed.

Heartstopper stars Kit Connor and Joe Locke are eager for season two and already know who their dream guest star would be. Any guesses? It’s none other than gay comedic icon Jennifer Coolidge. Locke, who plays Charlie Spring, told Variety,

“Jennifer Coolidge should play my grandmother. That would be so cool. I love her. She’s amazing. I also want a scene with Nick’s mom so I can work with Olivia Colman.”

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The Legally Blonde actress sounds like a PERFECT choice to play Charlie’s grandmother. Coolidge has been on a hot streak lately with last year’s The White Lotus, which many expect to earn her an Emmy nomination. She also had a scene-stealing role in Netflix’s gay holiday rom-com Single All The Way. Is there a petition started yet we can sign to make this happen?

Kit Connor also got in on the casting game picking American Crime actor Connor Jessup,

“There have been a lot of brilliant actors who have said that they’d love to be involved in Season 2. Connor Jessup from Locke & Key” who is very keen to be involved. I’m sure we can get him involved somehow.”

The Twitterverse is all in for season two. What about you Instincters? Who is your dream guest star for season two of Heartstopper? Sound off in the comments below.








Sources: Variety

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