Jesse Tyler Ferguson Talks First Meeting Husband Justin Mikita In A ‘Locker Room’

Credit: Justin Mikita Instagram

Love is hard to find no matter who you are but Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita seem to have the romance potion figured out. 

The super adorable couple did an interview with Variety on Thursday, June 4, that centered on how they initially met all the way to them awaiting the arrival of their first child together.


The first time they locked eyes on each other was, at, wait for it, a gym in West Hollywood. “We were both in the locker room, fully clothed,” the Emmy-nominated actor said. “I was leaving.” Turns out being a little famous worked in Jesse’s favor as Justin had just seen the pilot for what became one of the biggest comedy series of the new millennium, Modern Family, and wanted to chat with him about his character of Mitch.

“I was taken by how handsome he was and how sweet,” Jesse gushed. “I started asking questions about him, and I think he was sort of thrown off by that and ran away from me.”


There was a major problem that prevented them from starting their lives together right on the spot: Justin already had a man. “I was like, ‘Full disclosure: I’m in a relationship, but I’d love to get a drink with you as a friend.’ And he said, ‘I have enough friends,’ which I loved.” Ten months later Justin was single and the rest was history!

They began dating in 2010, lobbied for gay marriage to be legalized and raised more than $1 million dollars for LGBTQ causes courtesy of their nonprofit Tie The Knot all before officially exchanging vows.


“Justin and I both walked down the aisle — basically two separate aisles — at the same time, being ushered by both our parents, and then met at the altar together, where Tony Kushner was standing to marry us, which was insane for me because he’s such an idol of mine,” Jesse revealed. The longtime duo are about to enter the next phase of their relationship: parenthood.

“We’re just really excited to meet this person and experience what fatherhood is like,” Justin said. “We both have amazing fathers who we look up to very much, but it’s different when it’s you.”



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