Jim Parsons & Ryan O’Connell To Make A New Show?

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Jim Parsons and Ryan O’Connell? You have our attention.

As Deadline reports, the busy Hollywood producers are making room on their schedules to work together on a new project. Parsons and O’Connell (of Netflix’s Special) are developing a new 30-minute “traumedy” for HBO Max called Accessible.


The show centers on a 15-year-old named Clare who has recently been in an accident. Clare then begins using a wheelchair and is later forced to attend a boarding school with teenagers with all kinds of disabilities. She then experiences the typical teenage drama such as love, sex, and friendship, but everything is explored through the gaze of living with a disability.

Written and executive produced by O’Connell and produced by Parsons’ that’s Wonderful Productions, Accessible hopes to be “if a John Hughes movie had a handicapped orgy,” according to the production team.

Ryan O’Connell / Image via Stage 13

This is yet the latest in a long list of projects in the works for these two tv producers. Prior to this, O’Connell has written for MTV’s Awkward, Will & Grace, and Netflix’s The Babysitter’s Club. Of course, there’s also O’Connell’s own show Special, which he is currently filming for its second season.


Meanwhile, Parsons has celebrated a blossoming Hollywood career outside of The Big Bang Theory. Parsons is not only producing projects like his Gay inn owners series and O’Connell’s Special, but he has acted in other projects like the recent The Boys In The Band movie.

We’re excited to see this new project by this powerful team of creators.

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