Joe Manganiello Reveals He’s Retired From The World Of ‘Magic Mike’ Stripping

Credit: Iron Horse Entertainment

Sorry folks, but the days of Joe Manganiello taking his clothes off on screen are done forever. Well, kind of.

The hunky A-list star let down millions of people after he admitted that he won’t partake in a third Magic Mike movie should that ever happen. He played the role Big D**k Richie in the 2012 hit film and its follow up Magic Mike XXL three years later.


“I’m retired,” he told People earlier this week. He still, however, keeps in touch with openly gay actor Matt Bomer who also appeared in both flicks. They have a vast history with one another as the two handsome men attended acting school together at Carnegie Mellon University in Manganiello’s hometown of Pittsburgh.

“We always talk,” he said. “I got so much from going to the drama school that I went to in terms of learning and technique, but one of the great things that I got is all of the friends I have that work in the business. And one of the great things is the friendship that I have with Matt. Matt and I always stay in touch, and talk and catch up, and grab lunch.”

Joe had many iconic scenes in both the original and sequel, one of which had him stripping inside a convenience store for a very lucky employee.


Then there was him putting on a rousing wedding-related rendition of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” which was, well, just watch.

At least we have his wife Sofia Vergara to credit for posting videos like this. Thanks for the memories, Joe! 

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