John Barrowman Shows a Nice View While Roller Skating

John Barrowman shares many views of his posterior on Instagram along with trolling the trolls. (Photo Credit: John Barrowman Official Instagram Page)

John Barrowman has never been one to be shy about giving his fans a peek at his butt.  The actor has, on many occasions, shown off his posterior on his social media accounts.  During the summer, Barrowman posted a video of himself dancing sexy to the Cardi B/ Megan Thee Stallion song, “WAP” as well as husband Scott Gill pulling down Barrowman’s pajama bottoms to reveal the actor’s butt.

One of Barrowman’s latest Instagram posts shows him skating in Palm Springs, where Barrowman and Gill live, with the caption “The view behind me… roller skating in Palm Springs. Can you see the moon? #Booty”.  As the video gets close to the end, the actor moves the camera up and behind him to show his bare butt.

Barrowman, who is set to appear as Captain Jack Harkness in the Doctor Who festive special, “Revolution of the Daleks” on New Year’s Day, celebrated his and husband Gill’s 14th anniversary of their civil union on December 27 and posted a video of him and Gill in bed.  The video also shows Barrowman kissing Gill on the cheek and defiantly said, “And if the trolls don’t like that, let them ban this Instagram account.”  


Source: John Barrowman Official Instagram Page


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