Join The Silber Fuchs Revolution and You Can ‘Get Fuchs’d!’

We stan a gay-owned apparel company! We doubly stan a gay-owned, family-owned apparel company! We triple stan a gay-owned, family-owned apparel company where ALL the models identify as gay! We quadruple stan (ok this will be the last one lol) a gay-owned family-owned apparel company with great fitting, sexy, tongue-in-cheek clothes that spark conversation and look fab. Silber Fuchs NYC is all of these things, and more! 


Since 2015 owners (and husbands) Denis Kohler and Donald Muzio have been taking their longtime passion for fashion and turning it into a business – and movement – that is for anyone and everyone that wants to wear their clothes. What began with t-shirts because as Muzio stated,

“We heard that the tees are a good conversation starter. That’s, exactly, what we’re going for. We like to have fun with our tees. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and hopefully, the guys will do the same.”  


Instinct magazine previously profiled Denis and Donald last year after we learned about their right out of a Hollywood rom-com love story. Together 36 years, and counting, the two met in 1985 and have spent more than half their lives together. The married business owners “support and encourage each other and have each other’s backs to the end.”


The apparel line, which means Silver Fox in German, now includes everything from caps and mugs and tanks to hoodies and swimsuits. Muzio handles the day-to-day operations and finances, while Kohler is head designer and model!


Their very popular Instagram account, with over 21k followers, regularly showcases customers who post themselves Getting Fuchs’d, the companies tagline. All their models identify as LGBTQ and run the diversity gamut. Muzio commented, 

“It’s all about social media these days. Creating content is a job in itself.”


One popular t-shirt is the IMPERFECT tee. The I and M are in a different color creating the illusion of the words I’m Perfect! #genius

Muzio and Kohler take tremendous pride in the clothing created and sold by Silber Fuchs NYC, and love seeing their designs in locations around the globes telling Instinct,


“We love to hear that friends see our tees and tanks on cruises or when they go on holiday to places like Puerto Vallarta, Australia and Greece.” 

You can find Silber Fuchs at Pop-Ups at Rebar and The Ritz in NYC, and at appearances at Cram in Chicago for Market Days and street fairs like Folsom East. And everything is available on their website, Silber Fuchs NYC. Time to Get Fuchs’d! 


{**All photos provided by Silber Fuchs NYC}

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  1. I love supporting gay business’ I will be shopping here buying several products. TY for showcasing a gay business I hadn’t heard of.


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