Jonathan Lovitz Announces His Candidacy For The PA House

Philadelphia, PA community leader & activist Jonathan Lovitz has announced his candidacy for State Representative of the 182nd District seat. No stranger to community outreach and activism, Lovitz has served as the Senior Vice President of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce for the past five years. He was also the co-organizer of, whose mission was to strengthen voting in both Black and LGBTQ community in 2020. The 182nd district serves a large section of Center City Philadelphia, (which includes the famed Gayborhood). It also includes significant parts of Fairmount, Queen Village, Hawthorne, and East Passyunk. Rep. Brian Sims (now running for Lieutenant Governor) currently holds this seat.

Lovitz’s biggest issues include passing sensible gun legislation, equity in public health, strengthening the local economy, improving schools, and expanding civic confidence. Lovitz has also directly pledged that “every possible element of the campaign be sourced from Philly-based small, minority, and LGBTQ-owned businesses.”

No stranger to hard work and community activism, Lovitz (the son of a small business member and public school teacher) is a union member and LGBTQ+ community leader already very familiar to working for his local community. Working to pass 25 laws in 13 states (including in Pennsylvania), Lovitz consistently has strived to create opportunity for both minority communities and small business owners. 

Lovitz exclusively told Instinct Magazine (who proudly featured him in 2019“Running for the 182nd District of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is the next step in a life of service for my community. When I was being trained by the Victory Fund to be an effective LGBTQ candidate, I heard such powerful stories about how the kind of visibility, leadership, and gravitas I will bring to this office can have ripple effects that benefit every single member of our community, and our allies. I hope to be the strongest possible champion for Philadelphia in Harrisburg improving the quality of life for all of my neighbors. I’m ready for the job on day one, and won’t let my community down.”

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6 thoughts on “Jonathan Lovitz Announces His Candidacy For The PA House”

  1. He is a total jerk. He has a reputation throughout the NGLCC as an elitist product of white privledge who doesn’t ccare about anyone or anything that doesn’t propel him toward the things that feed his ego. He is a climber, and has no interest in doing things for the people. He was an actor, FFS. All he wants is attention, and its time for PA to turn away from this fake excuse for a public servant and look to someone with actual charisma and skills.

    • Wow, your comment is more vapid than you’re implying he is. Callete unless you’re going to offer something actually relevant.

      • I was on the receiving end of “not being handsome enough” for him. He had a good laugh at my expense, and it occurred in Philadelphia. How’s that for an answer?


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