Jorgeous On Those ‘Drag Race’ Lip Syncs & Getting Love From Mama Ru

Names that are already known in drag circles have been known to strut into the RuPaul’s Drag Race workroom during the past fourteen seasons, and Texas’ own Jorgeous is most definitely one of them. While her overall aesthetic may have been well known to some of her competitors this season, it was her sickening runways and lip sync skills that kept her in the competition right up until the final five contestants were selected. I sat down to chat with Jorgeous on her Drag Race journey, why her relationship with her brother is so important to her, and when she knew she could “be Britney Spears if I wanted to be”. 


Michael Cook: A number of people already knew you from social media prior to joining the Season 14 cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Once you entered the workroom and you were recognized, did you know that there was now an expectation of you? 

Jorgeous: Honestly, yes. Going into Drag Race, I knew some people had their eyes out on me. Girls like Daya (Betty) already knew who I was going in and I thought maybe they saw me as a threat. Maybe that will bring in some encouragement to slay them, you know? I just got way too into my head the entire time, but I did slay the lip syncs, you know (laughs)!?

MC: Not only were you a huge fan favorite, RuPaul himself clearly was feeling the Jorgeous fantasy. What was it like to get that kind of encouragement from Mama Ru? 

J: It feels so amazing. I’ve watched RuPaul ever since I was five or six, watching To Wong Foo, that is where I knew her from. The fact that I got to see her, talk to her and know that I had her support really lit a fire in my ass to do better. 


MC: For you personally, when did drag change from something you might’ve enjoyed watching to deciding to become a drag performer and make this your passion? 

J: Growing up, I always would watch Britney Spears videos, and loved her whipping her hair back and forth and her costumes. When I was young, I wondered if there was a way that I could do that. My older brother would go to the gay clubs and record the drag queens that would perform and show them to me. I realized that I could totally be Britney Spears if I wanted to be. It was the art of dance in drag that made me want do it. 


MC: Being Joregeous’ brother probably comes with a certain amount of cache at the gay bar, is that fair to say? 

J: Absolutely (laughs)! People are buying him drinks, everything! 


MC: It must be surreal for your brother too have the sibling that he used to show drag queen performances to now appearing on the biggest stage for drag in the world on RuPaul’s Drag Race. What is it like to have that kind of support? 

J: He is one of the main reasons why I am doing drag. He used to take me to all of my bookings before I got on the show and drive me from place to place. Knowing that he did all of these things for me as his younger brother and now me being on th biggest stage in the world, of course I have to give him credit. He lived through drag by me. 

MC: Your profile on the show, combined with some of the positive critiques you got from the judges, seemed to bring out a particular brand of resentment or possibly jealousy from your fellow competitors. Did you feel that as well? 

J: Absolutely. Honestly, during the challenge that I won, the Glamazon Prime challenge, it was like “girl I didn’t do anything to you whatsoever, I don’t know why you’re coming to me like this”. I wouldn’t put anyone down when we’re already in a pressure cooker and watching that, really left a bad taste in my mouth. 


MC: This season, the twists and turns and the presence of that all important gold chocolate bar definitely kept you all on your toes. What do you think was your favorite part of the experience? 

J: Honestly, I won’t lie the lip syncs were my favorite part of the whole entire experience (laughs). I felt like I was at the highest level of Jorgeous at that moment. I felt like I was unstoppable in those moments. 


MC: What’s next for Jorgeous? 

J: I am part of Werq The World 2022 Europe Tour and it is going to be so sickening. I am going to see all of these amazing cities and meet all of these amazing people. The reason I wanted to get on Drag Race was to tour and live my dream that I have always wanted to do. 


MC: Drag so often, reveals who you are, as opposed to hiding it. What does your drag reveal about you? 

J: That I am a super sickening dancer. That I am an artist. What I do is art; it may sound cliche, but I feel like when I perform I am showing my true highest and confident self. I feel unstoppable and on top of the world is those moments. 

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