Juan Pablo Di Pace & Peter Porte Dish on Their New Film: Watch

Credit: Paramount Network

One of the most talked about movies over the holiday season just happens to be LGBTQ themed.

Dashing in December, which premiered on The Paramount Network on December 13, is definitely a flick you’ll want to watch tonight while cozied up with your loved ones on Christmas and throughout the New Year.

It follows the story of wealthy Wyatt Burwall (Peter Porte) who comes home to his Colorado ranch after being away for quite some time in the big city. His purpose in going back is to sell the property that his mother Deb (Andie MacDowell) owns, much to her frustration. 

Along the way we meet one of the ranch’s employees Heath Ramos (Juan Pablo Di Pace) who is more on Deb’s side of things and butts heads with Wyatt towards the beginning of the film. Something changes with them along the way as tensions settle down and romance begins to build between the two gorgeous men. 

It’s a lovely movie to watch from beginning to end with a lot of fantastic scenes happening in between. My personal favorite was when the three characters listed above and some of their pals head to a local hang out and enjoy a night of country dancing which included Shania Twain‘s “Any Man Of Mine,” which is quite fitting for the film’s material. 

Credit: Paramount Network

I was lucky enough to chat with Peter & Juan shortly before Dashing was released. Each of them chatted about how they were cast, the difficulties in shooting it during COVID, favorite moments on set and so much more!

Check out the interviews below. Happy Holidays all!



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