Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Man Who Killed An 8-Year-Old Boy He Thought Was Gay

A jury recommended the death penalty for the California man who killed an 8-year-old boy because he thought he was gay.

We’ve been keeping you updated on the trials of Isauro Aguirre and Pearl Sinthia Fernandez who killed Fernandez’s son Gabriel.

During trial, the late Gabriel’s siblings recounted how the two adults would beat the boy, pepper-spray him, feed him cat feces, and keep in a cage.

The boy was discovered in May, 2013 with a cracked skull, broken ribs, and burns. Though he was rushed to the hospital, he died a few days after first responders found him.

Aguirre, who’s had a separate trial from Fernandez, was later found guilty of first degree murder and then started the process of his penalty.

During this phase, the District Defense Attorney, Jonathon Hatami, said to the jury, “No human with a heart and soul could do that to an innocent little boy.”

“Show the defendant the exact same mercy he showed Gabriel,” he added.

Meanwhile, John Alan, Aguirre’s public defender, asked the jury to spare Auirre and suggest life in prison.

“Mercy isn’t something that’s ever earned,” he said. “It’s something that is freely granted.”

Despite this argument (and a seven-hour deliberation time), the jury later recommended the death penalty for Isauro Aguirre.

That said, the jury were only recommending a penalty and the real sentencing will happen in March.

Meanwhile, the mother is currently being prosecuted for murder and several Los Angeles County social workers were charged with criminal negligence for never rescuing Gabriel despite the fact that “red flags were everywhere,” according to the judge.

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