JustForFans Removes Billy Santoro Over His Very Racist Comments

Social media went into an absolute uproar over porn star Billy Santoro‘s comments about the ongoing protests that have happened in the wake of George Floyd‘s death.

“Lol. America!” Lol you let your blacks loot as a way of protest,” he wrote on his now deleted Facebook page. “Wake the f**k up. Shoot first.” 

Then there was his tweet made in response to a Twitter post from a restaurant’s account in Madison, Wisconsin. The restaurant posted:

“As a state street business we will say this. We have insurance. While we don’t want to have our place damaged… If burning everything to ground brings proper attention to the disgusting injustice in our country… So be it… Our property is replaceable. Black lives aren’t.”

Billy’s reactionary post was:

“Or the blacks will just breed more hatred towards them.”

Billy was categorically slammed shortly after he made those posts.

JustForFans, the more adult-driven version of OnlyFans, revealed that they had removed his account due to his hateful words.

“And here we had a good day so I put my phone away to actually take a night off,” they tweeted on Monday, June 1. “And then I checked the phone to see all the messages. His account is gone. Policing is a slippery slope and we won’t be puppets to cancel culture. This was not debatable though. It was vile. BLM.”

His OnlyFans account is gone too.

Billy got himself into a lot of trouble in March of last year after he seemingly mocked “fat” people on his Twitter account. 


“I love when someone I filmed with in the past has gotten fat then gets upset when I tell him that I will film with him again when he loses weight,” Billy wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “I am not a fan of looking at your fat body rolling around all over Twitter, but did I unfollow you.. no.”

He tried to justify his comments in a separate tweet sent one hour later. “This is my platform to communicate how I see fit. If you don’t like it, I honestly don’t give a s**t. The reason I have the following I do is because I am real. I am a b**ch to people who are b***hy. And sweet to those who aren’t. I don’t filter my thoughts and never will.”


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