JustForFans Removes Billy Santoro Over His Very Racist Comments

Social media went into an absolute uproar over porn star Billy Santoro‘s comments about the ongoing protests that have happened in the wake of George Floyd‘s death.


“Lol. America!” Lol you let your blacks loot as a way of protest,” he wrote on his now deleted Facebook page. “Wake the f**k up. Shoot first.” 

Then there was his tweet made in response to a Twitter post from a restaurant’s account in Madison, Wisconsin. The restaurant posted:


“As a state street business we will say this. We have insurance. While we don’t want to have our place damaged… If burning everything to ground brings proper attention to the disgusting injustice in our country… So be it… Our property is replaceable. Black lives aren’t.”

Billy’s reactionary post was:

“Or the blacks will just breed more hatred towards them.”


Billy was categorically slammed shortly after he made those posts.


JustForFans, the more adult-driven version of OnlyFans, revealed that they had removed his account due to his hateful words.

“And here we had a good day so I put my phone away to actually take a night off,” they tweeted on Monday, June 1. “And then I checked the phone to see all the messages. His account is gone. Policing is a slippery slope and we won’t be puppets to cancel culture. This was not debatable though. It was vile. BLM.”



His OnlyFans account is gone too.

Billy got himself into a lot of trouble in March of last year after he seemingly mocked “fat” people on his Twitter account. 



“I love when someone I filmed with in the past has gotten fat then gets upset when I tell him that I will film with him again when he loses weight,” Billy wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “I am not a fan of looking at your fat body rolling around all over Twitter, but did I unfollow you.. no.”

He tried to justify his comments in a separate tweet sent one hour later. “This is my platform to communicate how I see fit. If you don’t like it, I honestly don’t give a s**t. The reason I have the following I do is because I am real. I am a b**ch to people who are b***hy. And sweet to those who aren’t. I don’t filter my thoughts and never will.”


30 thoughts on “JustForFans Removes Billy Santoro Over His Very Racist Comments”

  1. The comments made by Billy Santoro, who apparently harbors such feelings and reflect his convictions. It would seem he forgot a simple rule, Think twice, engaged brain before opening mouth. Such conduct and defamation toward any person or group of persons is morally and ethical reprehensible. Billy can say anything he wishes, sadly what is said can’t be retracted, offering an apology won’t erase the way those words made people feel.

    I compared what Billy did with the actions of Jane Fonda on her tour in Vietnam, some actions can’t be forgiven

  2. I met bill at the gym. He was not a porn star or a prostitute. He was really funny and very down to hearth. After 15 years or so, I saw him in DC and I said hi to him, but he did not acknowledge me eventhough we knew from the gym. Now this… people change but Bill has changed for the worst…because of his racist comments, he is where he is now. He showed his true colors. I respect freedom of speech but people should know how to use it, and Bill is a prostitute or porn star that did not know how to use his first ammendment right. Now, almost everyone has lost respect and does not want to have business with him either. Thus, I am sure that Bill is going to come up with a strategy to ask for forgiveness, etc… but, me, particularly, would no believe is his next apology…he will always be the racist guy.
    On the other hand, i have never thought that Bill is a handsome man. But, it is just me…

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  4. Completely agree with Mr. Santoro. Plus, a lot more people would be able to get behind the BLM movement if they weren’t such hypocrites. Only outraged when a white cop kills a black but don’t care about hundreds of murders in black ‘hoods every year. To go thru your life feeling fake outrage has to be tough.

    • Knew one idiot would show up. Black on Black crime huh? Notice how this term is not used on white on white crime, nor Asian on Asian crime, nor Mexican on Mexican crime. The only reason for it’s use is because white America and douche bags like you, coined the term to divert the conversation from white racism. Most crime is committed within the race. That has more to do with proximity. When we use this term, we are implying that Blacks are inherently more criminal and that isn’ true.

      • Black males make up about 6% of the population yet commit 50% of crimes. That is inherently more criminal. You made your bed, now you have to lie in it.

        • FYI, even WITH those statistics Black people still haven’t even scratched the surface of all the blood, murder, pillaging, mayhem, rape, and colonization that your white ancestors – and some current generations of white people have inflicted upon humanity. So why don’t you run along deary and dial back your racist bullshit.

          • And do we need to get into the millions of Africans that were sold into slavery by their own people?? Let’s try to stay within the past 20-30 years, and not talk about stuff that happened 400 years ago, lol.

        • Blacks do not commit 50% of the crimes, they are convicted of them though. Blacks aren’t inherently more criminal. You truly believe that? Law enforcement was created to put blacks in prison and so was the war on drugs. Read a fucking book jeff.

  5. He was probably referring to ANTIFA- The Absolutely Nefarious, Totally Insane, Fricken Aholes who believe that it is okay to loot and burn other people’s property and inflict injury. They should be shot….

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  7. See ya later! He’s on the screen but hardly a “star” and he better make all the $ he can, because his nasty old ass will soon be replaced by hotter, younger, and he’ll be the cashier at CVS.

    • Well, i hope that he saved some money. Because almost all is platform to make money are dropping him. And, I don’t feel sorry for him at all…

  8. If he’s going to complain about riots and letting cops shoot black people then he needs to return his gay card. Two trans women of color and a biracial bitch lesbian started Stonewall riots to fight back the systematic laws that allows police to raid gay places, beat them, arrest them, check their IDs, and out them in the media. This lead to families being ruined, queer soldiers being discharged, queer people being fired, and queer people having a hard time finding jobs. Many of these LGBTQ people resorted to homelessness and entering the sex industry. Billy Santoro, Ben Masters, Jake Porter, and other LGBTQ folks who are against systematic changes to end racial oppression specifically black oppression, remember these names. Stormé Delarverie, Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Harvey Milk, and William Dorsey Swann. Look at those names. Over 40 years ago these people fought for your queer rights to hold hands walking down the streets, eat at a restaurant on your anniversary peacefully, fuck who ever you want, and to be treated lawfully equal and be politically seen. Those key queer figures you see up there, most are people of color. Black queer people. Black people. People that fought for your unborn white gay ass.

  9. I always thought he was ugly anyway. Never a reason to watch any scene he was in, so bye Felicia’. (Old, I know, but fitting)
    Maybe he will accidentally get hit in the face by a protest sign and make him prettier.

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  11. The fat comment is abrasive but I really don’t see anything wrong with not wanting to have sex with fat people. I mean, he has a career cuz he’s “fit” and takes steroids. It’s a bit hypocritical if you watch fit pornstarts and get annoyed that he doesn’t like fat people.
    As for the racist comments… Surprised to see that he’s saying some racist crap and he’s 44!!! Should have known better.

      • Your comment, I’m afraid, doesn’t make any sense. What does what I look like have anything to do with what I just said? lol
        Also, if you felt what I said was wrong, please point out which part and why.

        • What I see wrong with what the porn star (and many who think like him) said is that once they verbalize it the way they do and make it public, they contribute to estigmatization and segregation of groups of people who have already been estigmatized and disenfranchised for years.

          What they don’t seem to understand is that these groups of people have to battle estigmatization and the lack or rights on a regular basis and when a public person who has a lot of visibility reinforces this kind of opression, it makes their plight even harder.

          This actor and many who think like him don’t seem to be willing to question their worldviews in which they firmly believe that only “fit people” are capable of providing and/or receiving pleasure. And that’s alright. They have the right to hold on to their beliefs.

          But they need to understand that they will find resistance whenever they try to promote this kind of prejudice and they will be held accountable whenever their attitudes are perceived as harmful to minorities.

          For instance, in one of his most recent posts he not only used derogatory language against black people (“you let your blacks loot”) but also advocated for their killing and, for that, he lost one of his source of income.

          People are entitled to their opinions but they need to understand that free speech is not a free pass for bigotry.

          My respectful and sincere opinion.

          • No one said: “that only “fit people” are capable of providing and/or receiving pleasure”. That’s just crazy talk.

            And what “prejudice” are we talking about in regard to the fat comment? All successful porn actors are fit and if you don’t like that, you can consume porn films with fat people and make fat porn actors mainstream. But I don’t see that happening. So in my opinion, people upset at the fat comment are being hypocritical.

            And just because Billy Santoro was a racist doesn’t mean everything else he said was wrong. If he likes Nutella, should we ban Nutella now?

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