Justice Smith & Michelle Rodriguez Join ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

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Two LGBTQ actors have signed on for the fantasy film based on an iconic table top role playing game.

Justice Smith and Michelle Rodriguez have signed on to the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons feature adaption, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film is based on the Dungeons & Dragons game from Wizards on the Coast. The game is a mix of improvisation, number crunching, and fantasy storytelling. Players join together to tell a fantasy-based story while game mechanics help to ground the player’s improvisation.


Because of the source material’s very loose story aspects, this upcoming feature adaption has a lot of room to play and experiment. Though, this isn’t the first feature adaption of the property. There was a 2000 British-American live-action film, a made-for-TV sequel, a third film, and an animated series.

But with Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who were behind the sleeper hit Game Night, directing and screenwriting, this property could shine bright among the rest.


Goldstein and Daley based the latest version of the script on a previous draft by Michael Gilio. In addition, the duo is joined by Hasbro/eOne and Paramount. Those companies will be producing and financing the film. Plus, eOne will distribute the feature in the U.K. and Canada while Paramount distributes it everywhere else. Jeremy Latcham will also act as a producer for the film alongside Brian Goldner.

As for the cast, Chris Pine has already signed onto the film before this recent announcement. And again, he’s been joined by Justice Smith and Michelle Rodriguez. Plus, both of those new hires are openly LGBTQ. Smith (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Detective Pikachu) came out by sharing pictures of himself with his boyfriend Nicholas Ashe last year. Meanwhile, Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast & Furious Franchise, Avatar) came out as bisexual in 2013 by saying she has “gone both ways.”

We look forward to seeing them in the film whenever it releases. As of yet, Dungeons & Dragons has not announced a release date.

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