Kanye West Shows Bulge In Recent Livestream

Images: Twitter & David Shankbone (cc)

Kanye West fans got a treat during his 24-hour Livestream this week.

The rap icon is currently working to finish his latest LP titled Donda at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium. To get fans excited for the upcoming project, Kanye West held a 24-hour Livestream in his room. And at one point, he recorded himself in his underwear. Like in the recent John Cena news, Kanye West’s underwear left a big impression on the internet.


According to Uproxx, Kanye West’s package has been a quiet but consistent rumor for years now. It began, allegedly, back in the days of Myspace when the rapper would send dick pics to any woman who asked, as Jezebel writes. Unfortunately, those pictures were deleted.

It doesn’t help, however, that Kim Kardashian herself has talked about Kanye’s piece. Like Ariana Grande to Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian was happy to booster up her man by talking publically about his package. She did so during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In the episode, a pregnant Kim was getting an ultrasound. When the doctor said they were looking for a penis to confirm the baby’s sex, Kim said, “It would definitely take after the father, so you would see it.”

And now that we’ve seen the mound behind a thin piece of clothing, we can judge for ourselves. And we’re not the only ones taking notice.



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8 thoughts on “Kanye West Shows Bulge In Recent Livestream”

    • Lmfao yup. They’re all Baph.

      Also, when did a dick-print bulge become a full on penis? All these people saying they see his dick and I’m like, where? All I see is a bulge, and not even an impressive one XD

    • Fuck Kanye West, he is a waste, a nut case an embarrassment to every black person alive for his slave comments. He needs to be institutionalized permanently.

    • Kanye makes crazy mental cases seen normal. He continues to refuse taking his meds so zero fucks to you West. Go bury your face in Trump’s ass where you belong.

  1. Why is he even conversation??? He is a complete freak, loser who couldn’t kiss trumps ass enough. Put him in a straight jacket and throw him in a dungeon. The guy is a oxygen thief!

    • Welcome to the Pop Culture Machine lol, nobody really cares about these people, only the brainwashed and the mindless.

      Real people just sit on the fence it seems and watch all the madness (I guess until it hits home and begins to affect them personally)


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