John Cena’s Peacemaker In White Briefs?

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Well, that’s a happy surprise!

For U.S. movie viewers, Suicide Squad 2 dropped in theaters and on HBO Max yesterday, July 5. And with it came a gory, villainous, and fun adventure of a movie. But one of the surprise hit performances turned out to be John Cena as Peacemaker. The WWE star isn’t new to Hollywood, but his performance in the latest DC film shows Cena truly coming into his own as an actor. And having fun with it too!


Despite his great take on the Peacemaker character, the big takeaway for early viewers is something different than you’d expect… Cena’s bulge. Yes, as a minor spoiler for the film, we can reveal that Jon Cena strips down to a very tight pair of white briefs during one scene. It leaves little to the imagination. And, of course, Twitter users are thirsting over the look.



And funny enough, it’s not just the fans talking about Cena’s underwear and bulge. The cast couldn’t help but talk about it too.

While promoting the film at a press conference, some of the film’s cast couldn’t help but talk about John Cena’s package. According to CheatSheet, the topic came up a lot.

“Yo, bro, your d*ck is huge,” said Pete Davidson who wasn’t in the growingly famous scene. “I saw a screening of the movie. You have a huge piece, dude.”


Rooker added, “That wasn’t even a penis. It was a log.”

“There are so many talented character, actors and professionals,” Cena responded. “We just spent a good solid half a minute or more talking about my d*ck. I’m very happy about that.”


Davidson didn’t stop there. The SNL star just couldn’t help but bring up the package later on in the conference.

“I saw it in a screening with like 20 people and the first thing everybody said after the movie, besides it was great, was ‘Yo, Cena’s d*ck is crazy,’” Davidson said. “ All my uncles that love wrestling, they were liie, ‘Yo, I didn’t know Cena was packing like that, bro.’”

Cena, being humble yet again, responded, “Once again, crazy is probably a good way to define my d*ck.”


But those weren’t the only times cast members talked about Cena’s junk. Joel Kinnaman added a quick joke during the Zoom conference when talking about cast bonding.

“But also John’s bulge really brought us all together,” Kinnaman quipped. 

Kinnaman also talked about the scene while talking to Men’s Health. The actor shared that despite working hard to gain 45 lbs and get jacked for the movie, John Cena upstaged him.


“I was like, ‘I think this is a great opportunity for me to take my shirt off,’” he recalled. ‘So I had this scene where I was going to take my shirt off, I had been injured.”

He then added, “But ‘Dummy Joel’ didn’t take the time to really read through the whole script and think about it, because John Cena takes his shirt off two pages later in the script. So all that effort that I put in? Just absolutely gone to waste. And then also, he’s running around in tighty-whities with one of the biggest penises that’s ever been shown on screen. It looks like he had a baby in his tighty-whities. He just gave birth to Little John, and he’s running around with Little John in his tighty-whities, two minutes after I take my shirt off. So what was the point? There was no point.”

So it’s official, John Cena’s white briefs moment is one of the many reasons Suicide Squad is worth the watch. If you can stand the gore, the violence, and the villainous fun, you’ll get rewarded with an eye-catching treat.

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