Karamo And Photographer Carlos Mendel Make It Insta-Official

Whether it’s Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France & Antoni Porowski penning books (Over The Top, Naturally Tan & Let’s Do Dinner respectively) or Bobby Berk continuing to perk up our living quarters, the men of the Netflix smash Queer Eye have become stars in their own rights. While we await the pandemic-delayed sixth season to announce a premiere date on Netflix, we are getting to see culture aficionado Karamo in a different perspective himself. An accomplished author himself (including the delightful children’s book I Am Perfectly Designed), Karamo appeared on Catt Sadler’s virtual chatfest A Drink With Live! and openly discussed the dissolution of his engagement of two years with Ian Jordan, but also disclosed how he has managed to find love once more. 


When discussing the end of his relationship with Jordan, Karamo plainly said “The breakup with my ex, luckily he and I are still friends. We were together for nine years. We were planning our wedding. Our engagement got drawn out for two years, and the reason I would tell people like, oh, all these things. The reason that was, was because he didn’t want me to tell that we were going through therapy because there was a lot of things that I was just like, before I walked down this aisle, we have to figure out”. The father of two concluded by saying “but in the therapy, it just became abundantly clear to me that we weren’t aligned”.

This journey has brought Karamo to his new paramour, photographer Carlos Mendel. Karamo told Sadler “I went to Instagram and was looking at beauty things. I like to watch makeup and hair things because they relax me, even though I’m bald and he’s a beauty photographer.” Karamo went on to say “he shoots the makeup for Kylie Cosmetics, all these big brands. I saw his and it was like, these are some beautiful shots and I accidentally clicked a photo,” he divulged. But this one mistaken click would totally change the path of his life. “He saw it and said, thank you for liking my work and that’s how we met.” Mendel and Karamo are currently spending plenty of time on the gram, where they are everything from hitting the gym to soaring over New York City in a helicopter to see the Statue of Liberty. 




Karmo has grown more comfortable speaking about his new beau, which he did briefly during an appearance last week on Watch What Happens Live, where he and another multi-talented performer, Keke Palmer, were a smash hit in the clubhouse. Their chemistry radiated on-screen, and whether they were discussing Real Housewives, Palmer’s new book (From The Desk of Lady Miss) or Karamo’s role on Dear White People, it became abundantly clear that pilot with a title like “Keke & Karamo” might just be a viable possibility. 


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