Kathy Griffin TAKES DOWN Harvey Levin & Andy Cohen in Brutal Video

Kathy Griffin just posted an EPIC video on her YouTube page, where she takes down both Harvey Levin and Andy Cohen, where she reveals Harvey's phone number and claims the following: "People like Harvey Levin and Andy Cohen, who honestly just live to take women down.”  She also encouraged her fans to preserve the video in case it gets taken down ASAP.

She goes in on Harvey first, who she blames for fueling the controversy surrounding her posing with a fake decapitated head of Donald Trump.  She then explains how this completely ruined not only her life, but her mother's who got death threats at the retirement home she lives in, and her sister who recently passed of cancer.

“Where the f*** did you get my personal cell number and who the f*** do you think you are harassing me on my cell phone calling me directly? Your good friend Lisa Bloom?” she said.

She then went in on Andy Cohen, who just pulled an "I don't know her" in a recent interview where he forgot who she was.  She alleged that he was a "miserable boss" when she was filming her Emmy-award winning reality show, My Life on the D-List.  She claims that Bravo visited the set twice in the six years it was on.  



It goes on more, as she rips into Bravo and NBC Universal people as well.  Andy Cohen has already taken to his Twitter, saying it's false and made-up.

Here's the video.  You be the judge.




10 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin TAKES DOWN Harvey Levin & Andy Cohen in Brutal Video”

  1. Matt Harmon – He didn’t

    Matt Harmon – He didn't create that show because he loves women.  He created it in order to make money by exploiting them.  This isn't a show about friendship.  it's a show about women fighting and belittling themselves so the audiene can laugh at them.  Just as all of their gay friends on that show are all portayed as minstrels.  Andy Cohen has no interest in helping women in any way. It's all about his own personal enrichment. 

  2. She is psycho. Equating

    She is psycho. Equating Harvey Weinstein and Andy Cohen because Andy Cohen joked that he didn't know her? Wow. And he hates women. I guess that's why he created a franchise, Real Housewives, that is entirely about women and stars all women. Yeah I don't think he can stand them. Or maybe he just doesn't like YOU.

    • He didn’t create that show

      He didn't create that show because he loves women.  He did it in order to exploit women for his own personal gain.  That's the same reason he turns all of their gay friends in that show into minstrels.  It's all about his own enrichment.  It has nothing to do with how much he honors women. 

    • It show women at thejir most

      It show women at thejir most tacky. Cohen created a franchise to makje money using other people. Playing up their worst qualities and most vulnerable moments. Fuck him.

  3. Look she may not be at the

    Look she may not be at the top of every ones favorite person list, but that being said….

    What she did with the mask should fall under freedom of speech. Maybe offensive, tasteless whatever. She DID NOT threaten anybody. And she's right. What if someone's 14 yr old child posted it as a joke? I think the reactions were extreme.

     We live in a world where a cereal company has to apologize for a freakin cartoon corn pop. It seems everyone is just looking for an excuse to scream about a slight. Get over it. Not everything is a platform.

  4. OK, I hate Trump, and the

    OK, I hate Trump, and the whole head thing, IMHO, was brutal and uncalled for. BUT, what she is revealing is real and true and SHOULD be addressed. She is not my fave, but even she AND her family do not deserve this kind of abuse. The government abusing its power to influence INTERPOL only proves her point. Their obvious and influential attacks on her simply prove to the rest of us that they are over reaching to defame her. Guess what guys…not only is it not working its making her more popular than ever!

  5. Obviously people see things

    Obviously people see things differently but Kathy is totally blind to herself. She gets in fights with people. She blames. It was the bloody head of the president in plastic for crying out loud. That was sick. 


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