Kathy Griffin Gets Revenge on Trump Troll Who Harassed Her

Credit: Kathy Griffin Instagram

Kathy Griffin, who has spent the majority of her career with an IDGAF attitude about her haters, took that to a whole new level after one of them harassed her online earlier this year.

Except this wasn’t just some random troll with 0 followers and no picture to hide their identity. No, this was much juicier as the person in question turned out to be one of the many people who were part of the Capitol Riots on January 6.


Danielle McCarty, who goes by “Muscle Mommy Fit” and “Fit Patriot Mom” online, blasted the two-time Emmy winner on January 9 for tweeting an image with a plastic severed head that looked just like former President Donald Trump with the following caption: “Just resign now. You lost. Its over.

“The despicable Kathy Griffin is at it again,” she wrote in response on her now deactivated Twitter. Kathy famously went through a very public fallout back in 2017 when she posted a photo of her with a severed Trump head that was covered in blood (in actuality, ketchup). 

Her situation was so crazy that she was apparently put on a No Fly List before being detained at every airport she flew to during her Laugh Your Head Off Tour. She also severed ties with her former BFF Anderson Cooper who did not come to her defense when everything went down. 



“Oh, you shouldn’t have tagged me,” Kathy wrote in response to Danielle’s message. “You were there on Jan 6. You pulled your video, but I found it. Looks like you’re a domestic terrorist and now we all know it, @musclemommyfit.”

Another person online then aided in Kathy’s assistance by pulling a video (seen above) that Danielle posted to rightwing social media platform Parler where she claimed to be teargassed along with the people around her. 

“We got teargassed when we were in the middle of a prayer,” McCarty says in the video. “We weren’t even trying to rush the cops!”



“Hi Danielle,” Griffin said. “What’s that you called me, again? Ah yes, the despicable Kathy Griffin. Well, the FBI now has this video, as well as the other ones you’re featured in.”

It gets worse, at least for Danielle. Kathy then posted screenshots from her Instagram, which is still active but now private, that featured her kids with military-grade rifles and other weapons on Christmas last year.


“Oh Danielle,” are the only two words Kathy wrote above the photo. Oh Danielle indeed.

Kathy, who still has a ton of haters hitting her up on social media daily, has also been showered with love by thousands of her fans. They created a timely hashtag in June of last year called #kathyknewthewholetime. It referenced how the fiery comedian was aware of what Trump was capable of doing to us early on and how many people should apologize after they trashed her for the image. 

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