Kathy Griffin’s Fans Defend Her 3 Years After Trump Mask Scandal – ‘They Owe Her An Apology’

Image via YouTube / Kathy Griffin’s A Hell Of a Story Film

Kathy Griffin was met with a ton of love from people who thought she deserved an apology over the massive Trump mask fiasco from 2017. 


RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 alum Trinity K. Bonet posted that controversial photo on her Instagram on Tuesday, June 2, that came with quite the supportive message. “If you follow me…repost and tag me #kathyknewthewholetime …..giving a prize to a lucky person!!!! And p.s…my girl @kathygriffin knew what the duck was up!!!!!!!”


That particular hashtag was then seen across Twitter with many touching on what’s going on in the world currently as it related to what happened with the 2-time Emmy winner over three years ago. “@kathygriffin got so much shit for this,” one wrote. “They were more bothered about the fake blood in this photo than they are about the real blood being spilt on the streets. Love you, Kathy! We stand together.”



Others accused people of turning on Kathy when the whole situation went down. The fiery redhead called out many who she claimed did, one notably being her former friend & CNN New Year’s Eve cohost Anderson Cooper


Most people commented on how Kathy is simply owed an apology all this time later. 


“Apparently, the kids started a hashtag about The Photo,” she tweeted on Wednesday, June 3. “Thank you @trinitykbonet for the support. I stand with you. I’m here for you. Your voices have ALWAYS MATTERED.”

“I’ve learned so much. I think a lot of people would love it if I said, ‘Oh, I wish I had never taken that picture. I wish I had never cursed. I wish I had never made this comment or that comment.’ But the most important thing that I hope people see is that, long after I kick the bucket, they see the crazy red-haired lady didn’t go down,” Kathy said in a 2019 interview about her thoughts on said photo.

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  1. Kathy is one ugly person, both inside and out. She looks like the sister of the clown from “IT” She is nothing more than a floating turd in the democrapic party toilet


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