Kathy Griffin Marries Randy Bick In A New Year’s Ceremony-Officiated By Lily Tomlin!

As the rest of America was celebrating the onset of 2020 and making their own individual New Year’s resolution, Kathy Griffin changing her life in a truly monumental way; she married longtime boyfriend Randy Bick in a surprise ceremony, officiated by a true trailblazer in the LGBT community, actress and icon Lily Tomlin! 

In the first of two Instagram videos, Griffin & Bick dropped the surprise news that they would be getting married post New Year’s, with Griffin garbed in the exact same Diane Von Furstenberg dress she wore on she and Bick’s first date. 

In the second video, Lily Tomlin herself is seen reading flipping through the vows as Tomlin’s wife and business partner Jane Wagner is heard in the background. Tomlin speaks eloquently and sweetly of Griffin and Bick’s meeting (which Tomlin spoke indicates “was supposed to be a shallow toot it and boot it one night stand”. (Griffin indicated on her Instagram that she wedding was almost 14 minutes, but she shared the first 75 seconds)

It would not be a true Kathy Griffin event if it did not have her own touch of uniqueness and going against the grain. Griffin tells People: “Randy and I are doing sort of toy rings for the ceremony because neither one of us like wearing rings ever. So we will never wear rings. Deal with it.”

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