Kathy Griffin Unites With Mr. Conway

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Kathy Griffin Celebrates Impeachment Hearings With A Surprise Special Guest!

If you haven’t heard the biggest story of the day: The Impeachment Hearings have begun for Donald Trump’s Ukraine phone call in July. It’s taken the United States by storm. In my office, two people called off to watch the hearing live on television, #TrumpImpeachment is the number one trending topic on Twitter, and many others globally are on pins and needles wondering how this will turn out. Will it be enough to impeach the reigning President? Only time will tell, but for now, the media is in a frenzy for the hearings and we are once again warped into the reality television show the current administration and both political parties have been anticipating. But, these small Impeachment Hearing parties have been bringing some people together that maybe never would have joined forces…

We all know gay rights activist and comedienne, Kathy Griffin, is vehemently against Trump. After decades of working in the entertainment industry and climbing the ladder from D-List to A-List, including a Grammy win and an Emmy win, Griffin had the rug pulled underneath her feet after releasing a photograph of herself holding up a severed Trump head. The media quickly buried her, her friends turned against her, and she claims she still cannot get paid work in Hollywood until this very day. So on this day of the Hearing, she’s obviously celebrating and hoping for Trump to get the boot. She took to social media to post her Hearing party, with an array of faces including E. Jean Carroll, who has accused Trump of sexual assault. In the photo Griffin posted we get a glance of a gentleman peeking around the corner on the right hand side… and guess who it is. George Conway, yes, friggin’ George Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s husband! Check out her Instagram post below:

Now, Griffin did post this image today – but she doesn’t explicitly state that she’s doing a watch party with Conway, Carroll, and company. However, her social media would like for us to believe that. George Conway has been tweeting up a storm as he chats on MSNBC with former The View co-host, Nicole Wallace.

Regardless, the fact that Griffin and Kellyanne’s husband are together is definitely worth the laugh. Griffin herself asks if people are surprised they are pals…or frenemies. George Conway has been incredibly vocal of his distain for Trump, despite his wife being Counselor to Trump and arguably one of the faces of the current administration. Seriously, George Conway tweets just as much, if not more, than Trump, but all against the administration. The surprise of the two uniting for their hatred of Trump is nothing short of comical. I wonder if Kellyanne is going to be just as upset over this photograph as she was when Griffin infamously held up the head…

Are you keeping up with the Impeachment Hearings?

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