Kevin Aviance On Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’-“We Need This Energy”!

With her finger firmly on the pulse of the kind of music the country needs right now, Beyoncé’s Renaissance is a celebration of all things Chicago house, 70’s disco, and New York City underground music. Beyoncé has sampled and paid homage to artists like Donna Summer (“Summer Renaissance”), Right Said Fred (“Alien Superstar”) and Chic (“Cuff It”), while paying homage to more underground artists like Moi Renee (“Pure/Honey”). While some of the artists sampled on Queen Bey’s newest project may have their own thoughts on having their material sampled on Renaissance, several famed LGBTQ artists are enthusiastically pleased at being included on this landmark recording. 


Legendary drag performer and musician Kevin Aviance told Page Six that he was was “overwhelmed” with joy when he found out Queen Bey herself sampled his 1996 song “C**ty” on one of Renaissance’s most buzzed about tracks, “Pure/Honey”. “I feel like someone heard me. I’m vindicated. She gets it. I’m just so honored and overwhelmed” he said. He went on to tell Variety that he was not aware of the sample being used until late Thursday night when a friend contacted him. “She sent me the track and the credits and said, ‘What is this?’” Aviance said Friday afternoon. “And then my phone was blowing up. I couldn’t believe it”. As for the usage of one of Aviance’s most legendary and popular tracks, Aviance told Page Six that he first heard the phrase “C**nty” from the queer kids hanging out at Chelsea Piers and he describes it as not a put-down but “more of… an anointment from God.” “You’re the hottest. You’re together. You’re protected and no one can come for you,” he said. And he firmly stated that “Yes! [Beyoncé] is very c**ty”!

Another artist who is beyond thrilled to be showcased on Renaissance is trans trailblazer and social media maven TS Madison. While Madison did confess on Instagram that “This was a secret that i had to hold for a long time” her thrill at being acknowledged and having her art included by Beyoncé was evident “Thank you @beyonce for understanding culture and knowing my staple and place in the community… Thank you for polishing my iconic status in the world and for handling your business professionally and me getting [sic] this bag” she wrote.



Aviance’s words on the inclusion of artists like himself on Renaissance truly sum up how so many people feel after hearing this revolutionary project fully. He told Page Six “We need this energy — especially in the black and brown gay community, and all the ballroom kids. Beyoncé is [honoring] the black gay community and it’s beautiful” he said

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