Kevin McHale’s EP “Boy” Dropped!

Kevin McHale and YouTuber Terrell play Song Association as Kevin prepares for the drop of his debut EP. / Image via YouTube @TERRELL

Yesterday, Kevin McHale’s debut EP Boy released. The five-song collection incorporated his two singles “Help Me Now” and “James Dean,” which both got music videos, and three new songs.

As he told tech and video content company Vydia, who helped him release this EP, McHale’s Boy is his way of expressing himself.

“I’d say Boy is a proclamation of who I am. It’s sarcastic, self-deprecating, nostalgic, sentimental and overall positive. I wanted something to reflect me and I feel like it truly does.”

McHale also shared with Billboard that the EP is an intimate look at his romantic life.

“The stories, the songs are about my relationship with past boyfriends, current boyfriend, that sort of thing,” he told them.

While McHale was open with family and close friends for some time, the singer and actor only recently came out to the public. To do so, he released a series of mysterious social media posts. First, he shared a picture of two men holding hands. Then, he posted a picture of himself and boyfriend Austin McKenzie laying down. Then he definitively called himself gay through a tweet in response to an Ariana Grande song.

Now, Kevin McHale is not only publicly discussing his sexual orientation and romantic life, but singing about it. If you want to check out his EP Boy, it can be found on most major music streaming services like Spotify and iTunes.

But that’s not all. Kevin McHale is also out doing the rounds to market and promote his new music. This includes appearing on the very special YouTube video down below.

Now we’ll be honest, we just discovered this video and wanted to share it with you. The very hilarious video shows McHale hanging out with YouTuber Terrell and playing a fun round of Song Association. McHale tries to fill the shoes of West End superstar and former Glee castmate Amber Riley after she nailed the game in her own video. And it doesn’t help that Amber is in the studio laughing along with McHale as he fumbles his way through.

Trust us when we say, the video is a fun watch. You can check it out below.

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