Kevin Spacey Plans To ‘Voluntarily Appear’ In UK To Defend Himself

Kevin Spacey breaks his silence regarding newly authorized charges of sexual assault by three men in the UK
Kevin Spacey (image via Depositphotos)

Oscar winner Kevin Spacey broke his silence today regarding the newly-announced charges of sexual assault brought against him in the U.K.

As Instinct reported last week, four counts of sexual assault were authorized against Spacey last week. According to the Crown Prosecution Service’s Special Crime Division, the alleged incidents took place between March 2005 and April 2013.


The first two of the alleged assaults occurred in March 2005 in London against one man; the third charge involves a second man in August 2008; and the fourth charge allegedly happened in April 2013 against a third man.

Additionally, there is another count of “causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.”

The charges are the result of an investigation by the Metropolitan Police.

British authorities are reportedly exploring the process of formal extradition which could take weeks if he doesn’t contest extradition and months if he does. However, Spacey gave a statement to Good Morning America today through a spokesperson saying he will “voluntarily appear in the U.K.”


Here’s the full statement:

“I very much appreciate the Crown Prosecution Service’s statement in which they carefully reminded the media and the public that I am entitled to a fair trial, and innocent until proven otherwise. While I am disappointed with their decision to move forward, I will voluntarily appear in the U.K. as soon as can be arranged and defend myself against these charges, which I am confident will prove my innocence.”


Nick Vamos, a former head of extradition for CPS told The Guardian Spacey would have greater protections if he were formally extradited than if he simply flew back to the UK voluntarily. For example, only the charges agreed to by a U.S. court could be brought against him in Britain in that situation.

As has been covered widely here at Instinct, the 62-year-old House of Cards actor has faced a slew of sexually-related accusations and lawsuits in the past few years. In 2017, actor Anthony Rapp (RENT, Star Trek: Discovery) came forward during the beginning of the #MeToo movement alleging Spacey “made a sexual advance” towards him at Spacey’s apartment in New York City in the 1980s. Rapp is currently suing Spacey for emotional distress and depression as a result of the alleged incident.

In addressing Rapp’s accusations (he said he didn’t remember the encounter), Spacey used the moment to (finally) come out as gay after years of rumors. Many in the LGBTQ community saw that as something of a dodge to try and change the topic of the alleged 1980s assault.


Other cases followed including a claim by an anonymous masseuse. But the alleged victim died of cancer before the case could be resolved. Another in Massachusetts reportedly involved an 18-year-old in 2016. But those charges were dropped when the accuser decided to invoke the Fifth Amendment after being pressed by Spacey’s attorney about a missing cellphone containing messages that might have been relevant to the case.

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As a result of the wave of accusations, Spacey was dismissed from House of Cards and replaced in the film, All the Money in the World, after the movie had already been completed. Additionally, he was dropped by his talent agent and publicist.

Spacey has denied all the allegations.

(source: The Guardian, GMA)

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