‘King Cobra’ Full Trailer Is Here. No More Teasing.

We've been receiving teasers for King Cobra for some time now.  Searching our archives we have a couple of pages about the James Franco movie, just like every other LGBT site out there ('King Cobra' Porn Drama Clip Released Featuring Christian Slater to cite one of many stories).

Now we have the trailer and it's just another big tease until the full release of the movie.



Consider me very teased!


Is it more interesting now? 

Do you want to see it?  All of it?  I'm sure you do.




2 thoughts on “‘King Cobra’ Full Trailer Is Here. No More Teasing.”

  1. Looks pretty good, actually.

    Looks pretty good, actually.  Except, I can't help but notice these are all straight actors.  Well, all but maybe one.  


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