Kit Connor Is “Just A Boy Standing In Front Of Another Boy Asking…”

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Heartstopper actor Kit Connor is having a banner year. Viewers are in love with the oh-so-cute Netflix show depicting your first gay crush and subsequently your first queer romance. It has already been renewed for seasons two AND three.  

Proving that they are just like us, the stars of the show Joe Locke and Kit Connor started talking about their celebrity crushes at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival. Connor, 18, like many of us admitted to having a “fat crush” on Notting Hill star Hugh Grant saying,


“So I started talking about Notting Hill and he [Locke] says…that he hasn’t seen Notting Hill. Honestly, I have like such a fat crush on Hugh Grant.”


Naturally, the Twitterverse went bonkers on hearing this news. The adoration for this show and these actors is glorious to see!








We are right there with you Kit! Grant has been the leading man in so many of our favorite rom-coms through the years. Music and Lyrics?! Two Weeks Notice?? Nine Months!?? Bridget Jones Diary?!? I am sure I am forgetting some.

What about you Instincters? What’s your favorite Hugh Grant movie? Sound off in the comments below.

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