Kristen Stewart, Dan Levy, And Clea DuVall In A Gay Holiday Film?

Image via TriStar Pictures

Here’s a first look at the LGBTQ Christmas movie Happiest Season!

While Hallmark and Lifetime race to finally represent LGBTQ people, Clea DuVall is busy beating them to the punch. While we’ve updated you on casting choices for the film such as having Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis as the starring couple or having Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy join on, we’re happy to share with you some of the first look pictures from the movie.


The movie, from TriStar Pictures, will follow Kristen Stewart as she is preparing to propose to her girlfriend (played by Davis) while at Davis’s family holiday party. The situation turns upside-down, however, when it turns out that the future in-laws are VERY conservative. Even worse, Davis’ character has yet to come out to them!

Now with the film set to release later this year, Clea DuVall, who wrote, directed, and acted in the movie, released the first look photos over social media. On Twitter, DuVall captioned her release of the photos, which also ran in People Magazine, with the line, “All I ever wanted was a holiday movie that represented my experience so I decided to make one. Here’s a first look at @HappiestSeason courtesy of @people!!!”


Stewart, Davis, Duvall, and Levy aren’t the only big names attached to the film. They are joined by a cast made up of Victor Garber, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, and Mary Steenburgen. But when will the movie hit theaters? Happiest Season is hoping to release theatrically around the Thanksgiving holiday. That way, it can set us up for a loving holiday season. Of course, that may change as we get closer to that date. We’ll keep you updated should the release time shift. Until then, enjoy the first look pictures.

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