Kylie Minogue Announces Her New Album With First Single and Joins Tik Tok

Artwork for Kylie Minogue’s forthcoming album, ‘Disco.’ (Photo Credit: Kylie Minogue Official Twitter Page)

A couple of months ago, Kylie Minogue announced she was working on a new album of disco-inspired songs.  On July 21st, Minogue teased her new album titled Disco would be released on November 6th.

The first single from Minogue’s fifteenth studio album, ‘Say Something,’ dropped on July 24th

In an appearance last week on UK’s Hits Radio, Minogue described the single as “existential” and “epic” and describes the upcoming video for the song as “galactic disco.”  When asked what to expect with her forthcoming album, Minogue revealed:

“Escapism, emotion, I mean one of my true happy places is emotional pop where it’s up to you.  You can just let loose or you can interpret the words and the feelings.”

The singer joined the platform, Tik Tok, on July 23rd posting a short video of herself weaving through a row of lightbars while her new single played in the background.


Hello TikTok! #SaySomething ❤️

♬ original sound – Kylie Minogue

Then she put up a video where she danced to ‘Say Something’ and in the description, Minogue wrote, “Having my own #DISCO!! Where is yours? #SAYSOMETHING.”


Having my own DISCO!! Where is yours? #SAYSOMETHING

♬ original sound – Kylie Minogue

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