Lady Gaga Brings Vivid Imagery With A Big Twist in Music Video For ‘911’

There is so much to unpack in the music video for ‘911’ by Lady Gaga (Photo Credit: Screenshot of music video via Lady Gaga Official YouTube Channel)

When Lady Gagaโ€™s sixth studio album, Chromatica, was released at the end of May, fans of the Mother Monster instantly took to the albumโ€™s seventh (โ€˜Chromatica IIโ€™) and eighth (โ€˜911โ€™) tracks on the album. The flawless transition between the two tracks became the subject of reaction videos and internet memes.

Fans of the two tracks are experiencing another wig snatching as Gaga released the music video for โ€˜911โ€™ on Friday.ย  The music video opens with โ€˜Chromatica IIโ€™ playing with visuals of Gaga in a desert and as the transition to โ€˜911โ€™ happens we see her enter a pueblo(?). Throughout the song, many different things occur around Gaga, and while upon first viewing, these events occurring do not make sense until the end of the video where there is a big twist.


Gaga posted on Instagram on Friday about the video for โ€˜911โ€™




The music video for โ€˜911โ€™ by Lady Gaga can be viewed below.

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