Lady Gaga Kicks Off Tour With A Big Gay Performance

Lady Gaga has kicked off her Joanne tour in Vancouver, Canada in a big gay way. During her performance, Gaga asked for a rainbow flag that had fallen not far from the stage and she held it up with much pride.

As she posed and held for the applause, she exclaimed:

The most important thing that I have to say about it is that everybody’s gotta love each other. You got to stop throwing stones at your sisters and your brothers. Cause man, it wasn’t that long ago we were all just living in the jungle.


Then, quoting her song “Come to Mama” she declared:

So for any of you who don’t believe in equality that are here this evening, come to mama.

Mother Monster then sat at her glistening diamond piano and began to sing with love for equality.

Check out the performance:

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