Lance Bass and Husband Michael Turchin’s Couple Goals Moments

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin have been happily married since 2014, and the two of them now have adorable twins named Violet Betty and Alexander James who are 14 months old.

The lovely couple usually post photos of their family on their respective Instagram accounts, and one of their most recent ones is Bass’ post of the twins in a series of photos, wherein they are wearing cute holiday-themed onesies while admiring the lit up Christmas tree.

Aside from their adorable posts with Violet and Alexander, Bass and Turchin have also shared some sweet, sexy and funny moments on social media, which show how much of a COUPLE GOALS they are. <3

The most recent one is the 43 year-old-singer’s birthday post for husband and “dancing partner for life.”

Also, Turchin’s post of him and Bass sharing a New Year’s kiss is just <3.

And then we have Bass’ Instagram content called Lance Scares, wherein he jump scares his husband and films his reaction.

It’s quite entertaining to see Turchin’s facial expressions, tbh.

Now, here’s a bit of a sexy moment…

How lovely is this? <3

Here’s another funny one:

And a steamy one… 😉

A little throwback photo of the couple:

And another one.

Finally, concluding it with a beautiful video of Bass, Turchin and the twins. <3


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