LaPaglia Definitely Does Not Disappoint In ‘The Disappointments’

Trevor LaPaglia of "The Disappointments"
Trevor LaPaglia of “The Disappointments” (photo: Casey James Knight)

Actor Trevor LaPaglia joined Instinct Magazine for an Instagram Live chat on Wednesday about his terrific web series, “The Disappointments.”

Trust and believe, the oh-so-charming actor did NOT disappoint.


Hit the play button below as LaPaglia chats on all things “The Disappointments,” plus shares the 411 about what’s next for the easy-on-the-eyes actor.



For those who haven’t tuned in yet, “The Disappointments” is a darkly comic series that follows 3 gay besties in their 50s (Rich Burns as “Ray,” Gedde Watanabe as “Gary,” and James Campbell as “James”) dealing with the fallout of faltering careers and empty bank accounts as they figure out how to set themselves up to survive in the decades yet to come.

Metaphorically speaking, these guys suddenly find themselves standing in a room, looking at their their belongings, their careers, their unhappy personal lives, their reflection in the mirror and asking, ‘How did this get to be my life?’

Disillusioned. Disappointed. And the clock is ticking…

Trevor LaPaglia plays “Dwight,” the very good looking younger boyfriend of “Ray” played by Rich Burns, who also wrote and directed the series. 


“Dwight” is such a breath of fresh air in that he doesn’t over-think life. He knows how to pay his bills on time, he’s buying houses & renovating them, and is pretty much in control of his early 30s life. He’s like a big, furry puppy who isn’t afraid to ask for what he wants. And he’s totally charming in doing so.

Some of the topics we touched on in our Instagram Live chat:


• Watching the series, you can’t help but notice LaPaglia made specific choices in terms of “Dwight’s” physicality. In practically every scene he’s resting his head on “Ray’s” shoulder, or hugging him from behind. As Trevor notes, “I’m in his space – always.” 

• A happy twist of fate brought Trevor to “The Disappointments” when the original actor set to play “Dwight” scored a role on Broadway. LaPaglia was suggested to Rich Burns, who “kinda scoped me out – he came to the bar I work at trying to be a fly on the wall.” They ended up crossing paths at the bar (“I thought he was handsome, especially in a white cotton t-shirt”), LaPaglia struck up a conversation, and the rest, as they say, is history. 


• About that surprise twist at the end of Season 1 where the show time jumps and we find out Dwight and Ray aren’t together…? “Rich likes to leave that open to interpretation,” LaPaglia explains. “A lot of people feel like, ‘Oh, wow, I feel so bad for Ray. Why did Dwight leave Ray?’ But people should consider ‘what did Ray do to Dwight?'”

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Currently, the creative team is in the closing days of a crowdfunding campaign to help with the costs of shooting Season 2 of the series. The cost of a cup of coffee would be muchly appreciated by the creators.

Until shooting for Season 2 begins, things continue to heat up for LaPaglia. He’s already booked a gig on the Netflix show Echoes with Matt Bomer and Michelle Monaghan thanks to “The Disappointments,” and there’s more on the horizon.

For those of you who haven’t watched “The Disappointments” yet, join the 1.2 million viewers who have and click here to check out Season 1 for free on YouTube.

And you can follow Trevor Lapaglia on Instagram here.

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  1. As the owner of the home that inspired Wentworth Miller’s ‘The Disappointments Room’ screenplay, which became the movie…I’m wondering if the title inspired your title? Just curious, as I truly believe the terms ‘skeletons in the closet’, ‘coming out of the closet’, etc, originated because of these tiny rooms, which were used by the elite to hide away their disabled; just to protect their image. As the rooms were kept secret, they didn’t have a name till an elderly person whispered the name in my ear…not sure if it was just her name for them or a local term, but in the interest of re-searchable history, I feel blessed that the name stuck. Good luck with your series!

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