Latest Issue of Iceman Has The Gay Hero Coming Out To His Parents

Credit: Marvel Comics

The latest issue in the Iceman standalone series, Iceman #5, is out today, and it contains a momentous scene in the character’s life.

The character of Iceman has been drastically changed in the past two years to be gay. This has been a divisive act by Marvel comics that has split the fans.

Some fans celebrate the change as progressive and having been hinted at before, while others feel that the character having dating problems with women doesn’t automatically mean that he’s gay. (And a fraction of that group feel bi would have been a more suitable change).

That said, the change is here to stay and in fact it is evolving even more so.

Iceman #5 just came out today and within the comic Bobby Drake comes out to his parents… to bad results.

If you want to check out the full issue and see what happens next, click here to buy Iceman #5 for $3.99.

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  1. CRINGE. Marvel Comics has

    CRINGE. Marvel Comics has been ruined by SJW comic book writers. It's horrible and it's horribly affecting their sales too.


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