Lauv Embraces His Truth in Latest Song “Potential”

Lauv recently released a new song titled “Potential”, which explores his sexuality, which he had previously addressed in a few videos posted online.


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“Potential” is a catchy, flirty song, and part of the lyrics reads:

“Oh, damn, I think we got potential / I call it how I see it, and I see it in my mental / Like, damn, I know we could be special / I’ll sell you on the vision, but this heart is not for rental / Like, damn, don’t mean no disrespectful / I know you’re with somebody, but your body shouldn’t settle”

About a month prior to releasing “Potential”, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter posted a video teasing the song, and he also opened up about its significance in his personal life.


“i don’t wanna say too much about this but it’s genuinely a big deal to me, i’ve been writing songs for so long and have always seen myself as someone who was only allowed to be into girls. and then i started opening that up and now i feel just so so so much. and this song is the first one im gonna put out about a boy. so yeah, hope u love x,” he wrote on the caption.

In the music video, Lauv can be seen clearly drawn to one of the male dancers, however, a diverse group of other dancers seem to be getting in their way, which says a lot about the internal and external struggles that LGBTQ+ individuals tend to deal with.

(c) Lauv / Potential

You can watch the video here:


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  1. It’s not quite I Like Me Better but I’ll give the album a listen when it finally drops. I didn’t like the earlier Troye Syvan music but when the last album dropped and I liked more than two tracks, I went back and gave Bloom a listen and finally decided to download it and at least play it a few more times.


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