Legendary Fights on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Are Hilariously Recreated – Watch

Credit: imdoodlir YouTube

Some of the most legendary arguments from RuPaul’s Drag Race have been given an animated spin where the results are nothing short of absolutely spectacular to witness and laugh out loud about!

A YouTube account named “imdoodlir” has recreated these battles as if the drag queens themselves were different animals. The audio from each is totally real but the animations that they produce is exaggerated in a way to fit the tone of how emotional, funny and downright silly these fights really were.

Take for instance the one called “Everybirdy vs. Mimi Imfurst,” which was from RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 1. Who can forget this ridiculous battle where everyone in the room came for Mimi after Alexis Matteo accused her of taking over one of her local shows. Each of the queens are a different kind of bird, with Mimi being an owl, Yara Sofia as a toucan and Raven as a, well, raven. The part where Tammie Brown famously exclaims, “Come on, Telletubby. Teleport us to Mars!” followed by Manila Luzon saying, “What the f**k? Is, is this b**ch for real?” is even funnier animated style. 

Probably the most iconic breakdown of all seasons took place during season 6 when Laganja Estranja flipped out after everyone called her out for acting fake on the show. This time the queens were critters, with Adore Delano being a skunk, Joslyn Fox as a fox (duh) and Courtney Act as a kangaroo, the latter of which is fitting given that she’s from Australia. There is a brief moment where Bianca Del Rio, as a raccoon, looks directly into the camera while Laganja (a squirrel) is losing her mind that is laugh out loud funny. 

Here are some of the other clips that are just as funny:

Everybuggy vs. Valenina

Everyfishy vs. Yvie Oddly

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