Legendary Saint & Fire Island DJ Warren Gluck Passes Away

Warren Gluck was one of those DJ’s that whenever you arrived at the nightclub (or the event or the cruise) and found out he was going to behind the decks that night, you knew that you would be in for an evening on a dance floor like you have rarely had. Warren Gluck sadly and shockingly, left us today; leaving the music world a little darker and our lives a lot less bright. The imprint he has made on the history of music within the LGBT community though, remains firm. 


Reading the stories of Gluck’s storied career on PinesHistory.org is like landing on one of the best dance floors in the world and hearing the stories direct from the people there. From spinning at Studio 54 and The Ice Palace on Fire Island to serving as the opening DJ for the Pines ’99 Party, which was the first nighttime beach party on Fire Island in 20 years; Gluck frequently made history with his music. 

Music luminaries from all corners of the country came out to express their warm condolences and fond memories of Gluck today; 

Jimmy DePre remembers a particular night in New York City….

DJ Randy Bettis is one of the DJ’s that represents a particular era of dance music, and along with Gluck, redefined dance music and how it is heard

Famed music producer Bobby Shaw spoke fondly of a friendship he shared with Gluck…

DJ Ranny was a dear friend and colleague of Gluck’s, and one of the first to note his passing on social media…

Tony Moran could frequently be found sharing the DJ booth with Gluck, where they would many times, be booked back to back..

Wayne G was an Atlantis Events colleague of Gluck, frequently booked for these epic events at sea together..

There is no one that said it as beautifully as fellow DJ legend Robbie Leslie & close friend of Warren Gluck. “When words fall” as Leslie eloquently wrote “music speaks”…

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