Lego Might Make Charlie’s Room From ‘Heartstopper’

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We’re might get a Heartstopper-themed Lego set!

Someone has proposed a new creation on the Lego Ideas website. A French citizen named Flavio, who works in the child and elderly care assistance sector, is behind the proposed Lego set. And the set in-question is a replica of Heartstopper main character Charlie Spring’s bedroom. In addition, the set proposal includes figures of Charlie, his boyfriend Nick, and their friends Elle, Tao, and Isaac. Though, its notably missing Tara and Darcy. (Let’s not forget to celebrate our lesbian sisters, gays!)


The Lego Ideas website is a forum for fans to propose ideas for new Lego sets. Forum users can then vote on these sets with the chance of them becoming a reality. Plus, the fans who present winning sets can also receive prizes. Many previous shows have gotten sets through this site, including a Seinfeld set, the Home Alone house, and more.

Image via Lego Ideas

For those who don’t know, Heartstopper is a best-selling graphic novel series by Alice Oseman. The story follows a group of queer high schoolers in the UK. And the plot deals with issues like coming out, closeted boyfriends, transitioning and changing schools, bullying, mental health and self-harm, and more.

The graphic novel recently got a Netflix adaption which received high praise from critics and viewers. That garnered it an additional two more seasons with Netflix. Plus, the cast has seen a rise in fame and opportunities. That includes Elle’s actress, Yasmin Finney, getting cast in the newest season of Doctor Who.

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When explaining why they created the Heartstopper-themed Lego set, Flavio wrote that the show has “warmed [their] heart with goodness.”

“Heartstopper is a gift for adolescents, the young, adults from all over the world,” they added. “It brings into the homes of millions of people the emotions and feelings of two boys and their friends with simplicity and realism, showing clearly how friendships and love are emotions that bond human beings regardless of their identity or orientation.”

Image via Lego Ideas

Flavio continued, “I think it would be great as well as important for adolescents to receive and have in their bedroom Charlie’s Room created by a company that is inclusive like Lego! Perhaps to have beside the set ‘Everyone is awesome.’”

So far, the Heartstopper set has received 10,000 supporters. Which means, it has achieved enough support to get an expert review. Lego company members will now look over the set and consider whether they should go through with creating an official product out of it. Winners of the review will then be announced at a later time. But considering how quickly it took for this set to get 10,000 votes, around a month, we’re sure this is a strong contender.

So the real question is now for you, readers. Would you buy a Heartstopper-themed Lego set?

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