Lil Nas X Grabs At Something While Showing Off His New Glasses

Credit: Lil Nas X Instagram

Lil Nas X posted a super sexy photo of him on Instagram that, based on their confusing standards, might get taken down at some point so let’s enjoy this for now. 

The “Old Town Road” crooner decided to show off his new glasses that he bought in an outfit that consisted of just a pair of orange shorts over his grey Calvin Klein underwear.


Yowzah! Not really sure if anyone was actually looking at his new spectacles as there was other things worth gazing at in the hot pic. For one he looks more shredded than ever even though he’s always been in great shape throughout his still blossoming career. 

Then there’s the obvious which is his nether region. The Georgia native, who teased starting an OnlyFans account earlier this year, appears to be doing quite well in the peen department as evidenced by this photo of him at a Walmart in 2019.

We’re waiting on that OnlyFans link, Lil Nas. 

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