Lil Nas X Talks About “Bottoming On The Low” In New Single

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A new Lil Nas X video?!

Earlier this week, we shared with you the news that Lil Nas X would be releasing a single and music video. The song, titled “Holiday,” isn’t as family-friendly as you might first assume. The track starts with Lil Nas X boasting about having “hoes on hoes and they out of control.” Later on in the song, Nas talks about sexual positions and his success in the music industry.


“Aye, can I pop shit?” Nas X asks. “I might bottom on the low, but I top shit. Switch the genre on you hoes do a rock hit. I got the biggest damn song, fuck the charts sis.”

Lil Nas X also acknowledges the gossip/rumors that “Old Town Road” was a gimmick, that he was an industry plant, and that he’s a one-hit-wonder.

“They wanna know if I be lasting. Even if I started flopping it’d be fashion,” he raps before later finding a positive spin in all the attention, “Ayy, and I’m sexy. They wanna sex me. Pop star, but the rappers still respect me.”


As for the video, it includes the usual camp and fun that comes with Lil Nas X’s content. As Rolling Stone reports, the music video was co-directed by Nas and Gibson Hazard. After time-traveling away from the Wild West setting in the music video’s trailer, Santa Nas arrives on Christmas Day 2020 to a sci-fi version of Santa’s workshop. He then takes a ride across the United States on a red Dodge Challenger pulled by robotic reindeer. And, of course, there are several different versions of Lil Nas X dancing around.

You can check out the video down below.

Source: Rolling Stone,

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