Lil Nas X Twerking In A Prison’s Shower Room?

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Lil Nas X is continuing to rock our worlds.

Earlier this week, Lil Nas X tricked and trolled his fans into thinking he was going to court for a shoe scandal. But then, the performer revealed it was all a clever marketing campaign for a new song. And now, that song, “Industry Baby,” is out today. You can find the trending music video for “Industry Baby” at the bottom of this post. But if you’d like to learn what led us to this triumphant moment, we’ll walk you down Lil Nas X’s path in the rest of this article.


Back when Lil Nas X dropped “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” Lil Nas X received massive pushback and controversy. While part of that was due to the music video showing the artist giving Satan a lap dance, there was also drama around a pair of sneakers.

Working with New York-based art collective MSCH, Lil Nas X promoted the creation of what-has-since-been-dubbed “Satan Shoes.” The shoes, which included pentagrams and blood on the design, used the Nike Air Max 97s as the base. But, Nike later came out to say that the compay had no connection to Lil Nas X’s shoes.


Months later, Lil Nas X started posting to social media that he was going to court about the sneakers. But, again, he revealed this week that his posts were all a joke to promote his latest single “Industry Baby.” The song itself is a song worthy of twerking and talks about Lil Nas X’s rise to fame. He promotes himself as not being afraid of the haters while also talking about his hustle to create music.

“Need to get this album done,” He sings.
“Need a couple numbеr ones
Need a plaque on evеry song
Need me like one with Nicki now
Tell a rap n**** I don’t see ya, hah
I’m a pop n**** like Bieber, hah
I don’t fuck b*****s, I’m queer, hah
But these n****s b*****s like Madea, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy (Yeah)
Oh, let’s do it
I ain’t fall off, I just ain’t release my new s**t
I blew up, now everybody tryna sue me
You call me Nas, but the hood call me Doobie, yeah”

To go with the song’s release, Lil Nas X dropped a new music video. And guess what, Lil Nas X’s hot backup dancer Yai Ariza, the one he kissed at the BETs and that had news sources guessing whether the two were dating, is also in the video! So is Colton Haynes (who gets beat up).


After the court battle seen in the above teaser, Lil Nas X gets sent to prison. But like the King that he is, Lil Nas X soon ends up running the joint. He’s seen twerking in the shower room, punching out the guard (Haynes), and starting a prison riot.

If you want to see the latest chapter in Lil Nas X’s iconic empire, check out the video below.

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