Lily Tomlin Regrets Agreeing To End “Grace And Frankie” After Season Seven

Regrets? She’s had a few….

Grace and Frankie may be ending after Season Seven (premiering in 2021). With Season Six just around the corner (most likely premiering early in 2020), one co-star is already expressing regret that she has agreed to end the smash Netflix sitcom (with co-star and longtime friend Jane Fonda).

“Well, Jane and I are kind of sad about it, you know, because, I mean, we talked about doing it,” Tomlin explained on Thursday night before she was honored by the Paley Center for Media along with other comedy legends like Carol Burnett. “I mean, we’ve talked about it with (production company) Skydance and Netflix. We kind of decided to wrap it up after seven seasons. And now that it’s come, Jane and I are sorry. We really love it. We love this show. We love each other and we love our cast, our crew. Marta (Kauffman) and Howard (J. Morris) are so great having created the show. And then we’ll be out of a job.”

There is one possible co-star that they hope will possibly see the end of the show as their opportunity to give the fans the reunion we all have been wanting. Tomlin hopes that she and Fonda’s 9 to 5 co-star Dolly Parton will finally accept a long-standing invitation to do a guest starring role on the show. “Yeah, we hope,” Tomlin said. “We hope Dolly makes it this last season. She’s got to. Write her and tell her”! 

After their mini reunion at the Emmy Awards in 2017, consider the letter writing campaign to be officially started..

Art Courtesy of Netflix

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