Chill The Martini Glasses & Break Out The Paints! “Grace and Frankie” Ends In 2021

Netflix has been going through quite a few changes recently. Just this year, we saw the (quite amazing) finale season of Orange Is The New Black which was preceded by the news that the criminally underrated and beyond spectacular reboot of One Day At A Time was cancelled, and is now stuck somewhere between Netflix and possibly PopTv(?) Through it all, our faithful friends at Grace and Frankie we were sure, were not going anywhere. We could still admire Grace’s Pasadena frostiness and Frankie’s Southwestern sensibilities and know that for at least the moment, these ladies were going to be entertaining us for quite some time to come. 

Yesterday, the team behind Grace and Frankie & Netflix together officially announced the end of this groundbreaking sitcom (announcement below). While we will mourn the end of being an extended member of the Hanson/Bergstein clan, it was announced that not only has the show been renewed for Season Six (premiering in January of 2020) but the show will be ending after an upcoming Season Seven (most likely premiering in January 2021). While the show may be wrapping up, we have two fill seasons left with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda portraying their absolutely divine alter egos. 

When we last left out heroines, they had explored an alternate reality where they (perish the thought) did not ever have the deep connection that they’ve established over these past seasons. When they met up on the beach at the end of the episode, it gave us the reunion that we all had been wanting, but that bliss was short lived. Grace had married Nick (Peter Gallagher), who had proposed to her earlier in the season. The episode ended with Tomlin and Fonda both looking out into the sea from the beach leaving both the viewers and the characters left to wonder where their friendship went from there.  

Thankfully, we have two sure to be amazing seasons left to find out how two of our favorite queens own fairy tales really end…


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