Log Cabin Republicans Denounce Transgender Ban While Still Supporting Trump

Yesterday the LGBT community rallied against Trump when he announced he will not longer allow our Transgender siblings to serve in the military. Many people have come out in opposition of the ban while supporting the present Transgender service members.

Since Trump became the Republican nominee, many have decried him and argued he would not be good for the LGBT community. In my social sphere, I had plenty of straight friends, and even some LGBT members tell me he would actually support for the LGBT community and becuase "he waved a rainbow flag" was proof of it. The also small camp of Log Cabin Republicans have continued to champion him, while arguing that they are decrying some of Trumps' policies that don't benefit the LGBT community.

For those who don't know, the Log Cabin Republicans are are group of LGBT individuals who are also republican. They argue the Republican party more closely aligns with their values, and that they have the precious ears of high ranking officials in the party and are constantly fighting for LGBT rights in the party. While the outcomes are very mixed, the LGBT community at large decries the Republican party and Trump as having our best interests at heart. 

Yesterday the president of the Log Cabin Republican Group, Gregory T. Angelo, was interviewed by Salon over the new policy. This was after Angelo had released a statement condemning the move as a "disservice" and "reintroduces the same hurtful stereotypes" of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." 

In the interview,  Angelo still says that Trump brings an "awareness and sympathy" for the LGBT community from the years of his personal experience with them, to the Office that no Republican president has in the past. He argues that when his personal experiences collide with policy, that's when things get "muddy."

Angelo, also defended the Log Cabin Republicans, arguing that they have been the most consistent, by praising Trump for policies that benefit the LGBT community and denouncing the ones that hurt it. The LGBT community has long argued that having Pence and Sessions in some of the highest positions in the Cabinet are not helping LGBT policy. Angelo countered that people such as Nikki Haley and Betsy DeVos who are meeting with LGBT individual, and arguing that the administration does opposes all forms of discrimination, are working to help the LGBT community. I'm still waiting for the receipts.

The majority of the LGBT community has long denounced Trump, his administration, and his policies. The policies that keep coming out, hurt the LGBT community. I have acquaintances in the Log Cabin Republicans, and have yet to see them make any major strides, besides denouncing policies, once they are announced. They don't seem to have any insight into what is coming and very rarely do we see them having the inside track on what is happening. I'm not sure what it will take for this minority to finally realize that Trump and his administration are not what is best for the LGBT community. Until then, the rest of us will resist. 





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